Benefits of a kettlebell workout

 How does a kettlebell work as an exercise tool?

Kettlebell exercises involve whole-body, compound movements. These movements are effective at isolating the muscles and building muscle tone, overall strength and body composition. Kettlebell exercises help to strengthen joints through strengthening the tendons and ligaments, resulting in a lower risk of injury.


Kettlebell exercises can aid fat loss

Kettlebell workouts use multiple major muscle groups (hamstrings, quads, shoulders and back). When done correctly, these muscles work together and burn calories efficiently.

Kettlebells can be used for a cardio workout

Kettlebell exercises offer the benefit of both a strength and cardio workout. This makes them perfect for those who get bored from repetitive cardio exercises such as running, rowing or cycling. Kettlebell exercises are effective at increasing your heart rate and making you sweat. For a cardio kettlebell workout, focus more on number of repetitions than on weight.

Other benefits of kettlebell workouts

Kettlebells can help improve coordination through training the body to be more agile; this, in turn, improves stability. Just one kettlebell is all you need for an effective workout at home – no need for that gym membership! Kettlebells come in many different shapes, sizes and weights, so you can find one that is perfect for you.

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Want to be a runner but your enthusiasm for putting on your running shoes just isn’t there? Here is a list of ideas to help make the idea of running seem a lot more entertaining.

  1. Create a motivating playlist

Put together a playlist of all your favourite artists and zone out while listening to your favourite tunes.

  1. Introduce yourself to podcasts

Having only recently discovered just how great and amusing podcasts can be, I highly recommend this. Laughing along with Hamish & Andy helps you to forget how exhausted you might be.

  1. Motivate yourself by entering a fun run

I always wanted to be a runner but lacked motivation to get started. Entering my first fun run and raising money for a cause I was passionate about gave me the motivation to get off my couch.

  1. Mix up running routes

Even if you have an interesting and scenic running route, there are benefits to heading off your usual track, so grab a pair of running shoes with good traction and give it a go.

  1. Find yourself a running buddy

Having a friend to run with helps keep you honest and motivated; you don’t want to let them down.

  1. Invest in an activity tracker

Activity trackers are stylish and full of technology. Keeping track of your heart rate, how far you run, downloading workout plans (and much more) right onto your wrist has never been easier thanks to activity trackers like the Garmin Forerunners.












The new Head MXG tennis racquet series has arrived in store! We are excited to offer two different models (for tournament or club players), featuring the all-new MXG racquet technology.

Head’s MXG racquet technology combines magnesium and graphene, for extra power and control. Using a new engineering process, this design provides ultimate stability while maintaining a low racquet weight.

An innovative ‘magnesium bridge’ gives the new Head MXG tennis racquets a much larger sweet spot, resulting in more power behind each shot. The molded bridge helps the upper hoop to maintain its shape under pressure, for extra control.

The new Head MXG tennis racquets are available from Friday May 5th at Sportsmart Moorabbin. Visit us in store to find out more from one of our tennis department experts, and try before you buy with our demo tennis racquets.


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6 signs that you need new Runners

6 signs that you need new Runners

Did you know that you will eventually wear out your new Running Shoes?
It’s a crazy thought to think that your brand new, bouncy and cushioned running shoes would someday need replacing, but believe us- the day will come when you need to say good-bye and buy some new running footwear.
So how will you know when its time?
Some of you will be super organised and have to kept a running log of exactly how many kilometres you have run in your runners, and know from past experience how far they last (about 500-800kms).
For everyone else, here a 6 tips that you may need new running shoes
1) You can see white foam where you used to see the shoe tread
Congratulations- you have worn through the tread of your running shoes. Running shoes use blown rubber to provide cushioning and traction when running on hard surfaces, such as running on roads or running on concrete. It is also very soft and wears out quickly.
2) The Foam doesn’t “bounce back” any more
The midsole of running shoes is made out of foam materials. Foam of course is essentially little bubbles of air trapped inside. As you run, you compress the bubbles and they bounce back- providing you with cushioning. Two things happen over time- the bubbles get smaller and bounce back slower. That’s why you feel sluggish in old running shoes and need to buy running shoes again.
3) Outer materials are becoming loose on your runners
If the eyelets, heel counters and other parts attached to your running shoes are slowly leaving your shoe- you need new running shoes. These features provide stability and lock your foot down- when they wear through a stretch, you lose support.
4) Linings have worn through
Feel something jagging into your heel. It may be the internal plastic heel counter that is now peering through. This undoubtedly feels uncomfortable in your shoe so you probably should replace.
5) You can see your toes whilst wearing your shoes
Have your toes broken through the mesh upper of your running shoes? Even sewing won’t make your runners last any longer- time for some new ones.
6) They stand up funny or crooked
You may not have noticed becoming lopsided when wearing in your old running shoes, but you sure can if you lay them on a flat surface. If they look slanted – the foam midsole of your shoes have worn out unevenly.

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5 tips for choosing Kids Sports Shoes for School & Sport

5 tips for choosing Kids Sports Shoes for School

When purchasing sports shoes for your kids- you know that it is hard enough holding your kid still to ensure they receive the correct fitting shoes let alone the correct shoe.

Here are tips we here at SPORTSMART have put together to help you choose the correct Kids Sports Shoes


5 tips for choosing kids sports shoes

1) Choose the correct shoe for the correct purpose

What will the shoes be used for? Will they be used for running and will the shoes be used for multiple purposes such as kicking a football or playing court surfaces sports such as Netball & basketball.

Kids running footwear are designed for running, specifically running in straight lines and even more specifically- running forward! They are made with lightweight materials (Such as mesh on the upper and blown rubber outsoles) which are great for running as they are light- however, they are not that durable. If you think, kicking a ball or running around on asphalt playgrounds are pretty abrasive activities so our shoes need to be durable to match.

If you kid is always going through their shoes before they outgrow- you need to choose a more durable shoes such as Cross Trainer. Cross Trainers have a more durable upper and outsole that wears better. Sure- they are heavier – but they will last longer in long run.

Playing a particular sport? It’s always best to choose the correct shoe for the correct sport. Remember- these kids shoes are designed for the particular need of sport. Using them for purposes that are not correct, will wear through the shoes quicker, and also not be as enjoyable for your child/


2) Think about the colour

Does your child’s school have rules about what colour shoes they must wear? Does your child always get their footwear dirty and you do not know how to clean kids sports shoes?

Maybe you need to consider black kids sports footwear option? Whilst black kids shoes are not technically any cleaner, they do hide the marks a lot better than white ones.


3) Consider how well your child can tie their laces?

If you child needs help tying their shoes laces- maybe consider kids velco sports shoes as an option.

Velcro are a great option- they build confidence in your child by making them self sufficient.


4) Does your child need extra arch support in their kids sports footwear?

Have you been recommended to have more arch support for child’s footwear by a podiatrist?

A quick trick to find if a shoe has arch support is to look on the inside side of the kids sport shoe. If the arch is a dark colour- this indicates the shoe has arch support as this part of a sole is a denser piece of foam to the rest of the sole.


5) Fit the shoes for a little bit of growing room- but not too much.

Playing sport is fun for kids. Don’t diminish that fun by having them wear flippers.

Allow about a thumb width (yours) of room at the front of the foot- this allows enough space for a growth spurt – but not enough for the foot to be swimming in the foot. Shoes are designed to be correctly fitting- kids will perform better, and have more fun especially if they are in correctly fitting kids sports shoes.


Choosing a new basketball system can be overwhelming, especially if your buying for the first time. This is a guide to help assist you in choosing the basketball system that is right for you and your family.

By remembering the following 2 simple steps allows you to gain a greater understanding of what the differences are between the systems we available/ the differences between backboards/ correct basketball sizing aswell as frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing a basketball system.



When choosing the type of basketball system that suits your needs you will need to consider the following.

Consider where the system will be, and who will be using it.

In-ground basketball systems

Best for:

Where – Premium performance usage in a permanent paved/ concreted area

Who – Competitive or professional players, casual but regular players, families, teens. Standard in-ground basketball systems secure the basketball pole in concrete. These types of basketball systems offer the best level of stability. The pole cannot be removed or adjusted without damaging the concrete, but some systems can be removed using a ground sleeve. The height of these systems is adjustable.

Portable basketball systems

Best for:

Where – Anywhere where portability is important or where the system will be moved

Who – Portable systems with an acrylic or polycarb backboard are best for casual players, young kids and families. Portable systems with a glass backboard are ideal for competitive players. A portable basketball system allows you to play basketball almost anywhere. These standalone units feature a base with wheels, backboard, pole and rim. For stability, fill the base with water or sand. These basketball systems are convenient and easy. Portable basketball systems offer a similar amount of stability as in-ground systems, and are a great option for those who are deterred by basketball system installation. These basketball systems make great Christmas gifts as they are enjoyable for the whole family. They are also adjustable; helpful for teaching young kinds to play. Sportsmart stocks the largest range of portable basketball systems in Australia.

Wall-mounted basketball systems

Best for:

Where – Tight spaces or areas where there is no fixed place for a pole/bar

Who – Casual but regular players, families, teens. Wall-mounted basketball systems can be attached to a garage/carport, wall, side of the house etc. These types of basketball systems will need to be installed, and generally include a backboard, hoop and net. Backboards require the mounting kit/connections to be purchased separately, and they can be either fixed or adjustable. Sportsmart sells suitable mounting equipment in store and online. When purchasing a wall-mounted basketball system, it is important to consider the area in which the system will be placed. Different types of roofs may have trouble holding the backboard straight. When considering this option, ensure you make staff aware of where your basketball backboard will be placed so they can offer installation advice. Basketball rings need to be mounted to 10 feet.



Size considerations:

The main factors affecting the size you choose are the size of your playing area and the skill level of those who will be using it.

Sportsmart offers a fantastic range of basketball backboards that come in 8 sizes: 24”, 32”, 42”, 44”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”, 60” and 72”.

–       The 24” and 32” are junior basketball systems are generally best for young kids from 3 years old.

–       The 42” and 44” backboards are most suited to young children playing casually or for fun.

–       Backboards sized 48”, 50” and 52” are best for a small playing area, and can often be a good option to suit budgets.

–       For a playing area the size of a 2-car driveway, a 54” or 60” backboard will suit best.

–       For more professional players who want to best replicate actual playing conditions, and who have the space and budget to suit, a 72” backboard is ideal.

Material type:

The materials used in the backboard affect the bounce or rebound factor.


Glass backboards feature the best rebound performance and are ideal for highly competitive play. Glass backboards also stay crystal clear for the life of the basketball system.

Best for: heavy use; competition or professional players


Acrylic backboards feature very good rebound performance and are ideal for competitive play. Acrylic backboards are lighter than glass boards, so they don’t require as large of a pole to support them. While acrylic boards can dull from scratches, this is a cheaper option than glass backboards.

Best for: casual-heavy use; families; teens and children


Polycarbonate backboards feature good rebound performance and are ideal for recreational play.

Best for: casual use; children


Composite backboards offer a recreational level of play and a large variety of colour options.

Best for: young children playing for fun


There are a number of other considerations that will affect your decision such as your preferred method of height adjustment, which can vary between different systems, ring type, and which basketball systems fit within your budget. But if you follow the 2-step process, you really can’t go wrong!


Below are frequently asked questions our staff get asked relating to choosing the right basketball system.


What size backboard do I need? 

Sportsmart stocks basketball systems with backboards ranging from 44” to 72”.  For schools and clubs the most common size used is 60”.  For beginners and people just wanting to have fun 44” is a great starting size with the focus on the shooting square to provide guidance for the younger players in becoming a better player.

The most popular size across Sportsmart range is 54” which allows for a balance between great play and practice. Weather it may be layups, shots from the perimeter or free throw shooting.

When talking about the size of the backboard, the size is taken across the top of the board. One of the main benefits of any backboard size is the shooting square and the ring size. The square and ring size stay the same on every system –  meaning you can take your skills the practise court to the real thing.


What type of backboard do I need? Do I need to buy glass? 

Sportsmart stocks 4 types of boards. Eco-composite, polycarbonate, acrylic and Glass. The distinguishing factor is the rebound provided by each backboard.

Glass provides the best rebound and is what is used by most schools and clubs on their courts.

Acrylic is a great option for the player that considers themselves competitive. The acrylic backboard provides a great rebound and ensures the players shots have a very close feel to the glass backboard they may use at their local club and school.

For all beginners and younger players, the eco and polycarbonate are a recommended highly. They are a great option to get the players onto the court and learning how to shoot whist at a price that won’t break the bank.


What size basketball do my kids need? 

Basketballs come in 4 sizes 1(mini) 5,6 and 7.  Depending on the ages of the kids using them the standard sizes are as follows:


9 AND UNDER – SIZE 5 (27”)

MALES 9-13 – SIZE 6 (28.5”)


MALES 13 AND OVER – SIZE 7 (29.5”)

Australian basketball players use the sizing chart of 5,6 and 7 while Americans use sizing charts shown in inches of 27, 28.5 and 29.5.  Please note that this is only a guide to choosing the right basketball be sure to check with your local club as your local club may differ to suit their relevant coaching programs.


Are your basketball system heights adjustable?

All our systems are indeed adjustable. Adjustable heights range from 7.5ft (2.3m to 3.05m) with height increments of half an inch.

Each basketball system uses different adjustment mechanisms ranging from a push pin to a screw jack handles. Each mechanism allows easy adjusting when needed.

The purpose for having adjustment systems is to allows the younger players to learn the skills at there own pace, gradually increasing their height as their skills improve or they go up in age group.

A recommendation for all systems is to lower the height of the backboard during strong weather / windy conditions to avoid damage to your basketball system.


Do we need to assemble the system when we get home?

Yes, you will. All our systems require assembly and normally require the participation of 2 capable adults.  All the systems come with a detailed step by step instruction manual which is easy to follow to ensure the correct assemble is achieved.

We also provide assembly personal who can come to your house and assemble the systems at your convenience (this does require an extra charge).


  • Using the correct lifting techniques when moving the box containing your basketball system. These systems can be heavy and awkward while in the box.
  • Thoroughly read the instruction manual paying special attention to all warnings.
  • Write your model number on the manual in space provided and retain for future reference after completing the assembly process. (Receipt should also be retained.)
  • Make sure you have all the proper tools available to assembly the system.
  • Make sure sand or water, for the ballast, is available before beginning the assembly process.
  • Remove all parts from the box and using the parts list make sure all parts are present before beginning the assembly process. If parts are missing please contact place of purchase to obtain missing part.
  • As stated in the manual, certain holes need to be reamed out using a bolt, clearing excess paint for a proper fit.
  • Typically, two capable adults are required to properly assemble a basketball system. In some cases more people may be needed. Please refer to the safety instructions.
  • If you have a clear board option, make sure you peel the protective film from the board surface before assembling the Rim.
  • Do not over adjust the height of your goal. This may cause damage to your system height adjustment lift.
  • When assembling poles, make sure they are properly marked before assembly and it is very important that the poles not be over assembled or over swaged.
  • Do not over tighten fasteners.


When it comes to choosing the right basketball systems for you we have you covered this holiday season! Sportsmart has a wide range of basketball systems suited to all types of players.

Feel free to visit us in store at our 3 store locations Moorabbin, Northcote & Kilsyth and one of our friendly and enthusiastic staff members they will be able to assist with any additional advice and information you may require.

Alternately why not contact our online team for more advice on finding the right basketball system. All online orders placed before December 14 Sportsmart guarantees delivery before Christmas!

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