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Benefits of using a rowing machine

Rowing machines have been around for a long time, but it seems rowing machines are becoming more popular than ever. So, what makes the rower such a good piece of fitness equipment? Bodyworx KR6000 Turbine RowerRowing machines provide one of the best full body workouts that you can get from a piece of gym equipment.

The rower involves pulling your own weight, providing a strong workout not only for lower body but also the upper. The back, shoulders and arms all benefit from the motion of the rower. To make it even harder, most rowers enable you to adjust the level of resistance.

Not only is the rowing machine great to help build muscle, it is also one of the best pieces of gym equipment to burn calories. As you work up a sweat and work harder, your heart rate and lung capacity increase, improving your aerobic system.

Rowing machines are considered a low impact workout. This means there is less strain placed on the joints, making the risk of injury a lot lower compared to using high impact machines, which can jar the joints.

The rower can be used all year around – and, come summer, why not hit the water and give it a try for real?

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Introducing the HEAD Tennis Sensor

Introducing the brand new Head Tennis Sensor.

What is it?

The HEAD Tennis Sensor powered by ZEPP allows you to track your performance on the tennis court. It is the same size and weight as the butt cap and allows you to measure your top speed, rpm, and sweet spot. You can analyse your serve using 3D animation and keep track of your matches and keep a record of all your best shots. It also provides free training session on the app.

How to use it?

Simply download the app, compatible with both Apple and Android phones and tablets. You can move the device easily from racquet to racquet and an easy to use installation tool is provided. With 5-6 hours of tracking time it lasts all games and comes with a magnetic charger with USB connection making it easy to charge anywhere.

summary tech features

The HEAD Tennis Sensor works with most Head touch and XT tennis racquets (see in store for details).

There are 3 different modes of play you can use the sensor in.



The best way to understand is to see the technology in action:

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Benefits of using an Elliptical machine

Ellipticals are becoming increasingly popular as the gym equipment of choice for many. When it comes to your workout, how do ellipticals differ from treadmills?

  1. Less impact on the joints

In comparison to running (high-impact), an elliptical is a lot softer on your joints (impact free), making it the perfect exercise machine if you have joint problems. The low impact exercise also helps with recovery times.

  1. Works the whole body

The arm motion on an elliptical machine gives a quality upper body workout while simultaneously providing a lower body workout and an overall cardiovascular workout. The elliptical saves you time by working all these muscle groups at once.

  1. Increase your cardio fitness

The elliptical machine is believed to be one of the most effective machines for increasing cardiovascular fitness. Improved cardiovascular health leads to other benefits such as better quality sleep, increased alertness, and faster metabolism.




If you want to work out at home this winter, investing in an elliptical machine is a great option. Check out our range of Ellipticals in-store and online NOW.

20 Minute Kettlebell Workout


After a long day at work we all suffer that internal debate… ‘should I go to the gym or just stay warm and curl up and watch Netflix?’

Bustamove’s Personal Trainer, Michael, has put together a 20 minute home workout. So, stay warm, watch Netflix and workout, all at once, within the comfort of your home!

20 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Perform both exercises in Circuit A for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest in between each exercise. Do 3 sets. Repeat for Circuit B and C.

Circuit A: (1) Kettlebell Squat and Press, (2) Plank

Circuit B: (1) Kettlebell Split Squat (lunge), (2) Crunches

Circuit C: (1) Kettlebell Sumo Squat + high pull, (2) Push ups


  1. Count how many repetitions of the first set you do in each circuit and try beat that for the second and third set!
  2. Increase kettlebell weight every time you do the workout!

All you need is a kettlebell, buy yours today at SPORTSMART

Good luck!

Michael Farnham

Bustamove Personal Trainer


Want to be a runner but your enthusiasm for putting on your running shoes just isn’t there? Here is a list of ideas to help make the idea of running seem a lot more entertaining.

  1. Create a motivating playlist

Put together a playlist of all your favourite artists and zone out while listening to your favourite tunes.

  1. Introduce yourself to podcasts

Having only recently discovered just how great and amusing podcasts can be, I highly recommend this. Laughing along with Hamish & Andy helps you to forget how exhausted you might be.

  1. Motivate yourself by entering a fun run

I always wanted to be a runner but lacked motivation to get started. Entering my first fun run and raising money for a cause I was passionate about gave me the motivation to get off my couch.

  1. Mix up running routes

Even if you have an interesting and scenic running route, there are benefits to heading off your usual track, so grab a pair of running shoes with good traction and give it a go.

  1. Find yourself a running buddy

Having a friend to run with helps keep you honest and motivated; you don’t want to let them down.

  1. Invest in an activity tracker

Activity trackers are stylish and full of technology. Keeping track of your heart rate, how far you run, downloading workout plans (and much more) right onto your wrist has never been easier thanks to activity trackers like the Garmin Forerunners.












The new Head MXG tennis racquet series has arrived in store! We are excited to offer two different models (for tournament or club players), featuring the all-new MXG racquet technology.

Head’s MXG racquet technology combines magnesium and graphene, for extra power and control. Using a new engineering process, this design provides ultimate stability while maintaining a low racquet weight.

An innovative ‘magnesium bridge’ gives the new Head MXG tennis racquets a much larger sweet spot, resulting in more power behind each shot. The molded bridge helps the upper hoop to maintain its shape under pressure, for extra control.

The new Head MXG tennis racquets are available from Friday May 5th at Sportsmart Moorabbin. Visit us in store to find out more from one of our tennis department experts, and try before you buy with our demo tennis racquets.


It’s time to gear up for the cricket season!

With many shoes for the three main disciplines of cricket, buying the right cricket shoe can be difficult. But our cricket shoe guru, Sportsmart’s Footwear Manager, Ryan, is here to help.

Q. What makes a good cricket shoe?

There are many basic aspects of a cricket shoe that will affect the way you play and which shoe is the correct fit for you.

The Upper

The upper is the top of the shoe that wraps around your foot. It is in close contact with your foot, so it has to be comfortable. The upper is designed to support the key areas and can also provide ventilation.

Bowlers: Need an upper that, when planting their foot, doesn’t allow the foot to budge or irritate the big toe as it hits the pitch. Generally have a high cut upper.

Batsmen: Need an upper that allows movement, but also protects feet. The upper is generally less rigid, providing greater flexibility to allow greater ease of movement. Many feature a mesh upper which helps to reduce weight.

The Outsole

The outsole is the layer that is in direct contact with the ground. The playing surface will affect the type of shoe needed. Generally, when playing on a synthetic surface, the outsole will be made up of a rubber dimple design. This allows for maximum traction on artificial surfaces. When playing on turf, all cricketers are required to wear spikes for increased grip. Both bowlers and batsmen need grip, but for different reasons.

Bowlers: Regardless of the surface, bowlers require maximum traction for running in as well as landing at the wicket. Bowling boots tend to have very flat outsoles with more spikes for grip.

Batsmen: Need to grip the pitch when they’re running. Batsmen shoes usually have a half spike to provide the right amount of traction for both running and playing their shots.

The Midsole

The midsole is the layer between the outsole and the insole, and is designed for shock absorption and comfort.

Bowlers: Need cushioning as they run into bowl, so a shoe with a good midsole is preferable. Cushioning is more important in a bowlers shoe.

Batsmen: Need a lot of cushioning to make their innings as comfortable as possible.

The sock liner

Cricket shoe sock liners often feature extra cushioning for improved comfort. Most cricket shoes will also feature additional heel supports to maximise support to the foot under a range of actions.

Q. How do I know which cricket shoe is right for me?

Firstly, it depends on the playing surface. All cricketers playing on turf will require spiked cricket shoes, while those playing on synthetic will usually require a rubber outsole. Other considerations include personal preferences, your position and budget. Visit us in store for more advice!

Q. Which cricket shoe brands does Sportsmart stock?

Sportsmart sells a range of senior and junior cricket shoes from brands including Asics, New Balance and Kookaburra.

Q. What is the main difference between a high-priced and low-priced cricket shoes?

The main difference is comfort and cushioningHigher priced cricket shoes tend to have more support, comfort and cushioning and tend to last longer. Lower priced cricket shoes have less of these attributes and tend to not last as long.

Q. What are the most popular batsman cricket shoes?

Q. What are the most popular bowler cricket shoes?

Q. What are the most popular all-rounder cricket shoes?

Q. What are the most popular kids cricket shoes?

Q. What are your top cricket shoe picks this season?
















Visit us in store for more advice and to browse our range of cricket shoes.

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All the best for your cricket season!


During Sportsmart’s winter catalogue, the golf department at Moorabbin ran this competition:

Purchase any Smart Card special in store during our winter catalogue period and you’ll be in the draw to WIN one of three boxes of Nike Mojo golf balls, valued at $34.99 each.



The three winners were drawn on Monday…

Congratulations to Smart Card members John Dyson, Yoshimi Saikachi and Ashley Cullen!


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