How to choose a basketball system

Sportsmart offers many different types of basketball systems, from brands including Spalding and Lifetime. Our friendly and helpful staff are always happy to assist. We’ve also put together this 2-step guide to help give you the knowledge and confidence to make a considered decision when choosing a basketball system.

STEP 1: Choose a system type that suits your needs

System types




In ground systems remain stationary  for maximum stability.

Best for: Premium performance usage in a permanent paved area. And best for competitive or professional players, casual but regular players, families and teens.

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Portable systems can be moved for convenience or storage.

Best for: Anywhere where portability is important. Portable systems with an acrylic or polycarb  backboard are best for casual players, young kids and families. Portable systems with a glass backboard are ideal for competitive players.

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Combo systems consist of a backboard and rim. They can be mounted to either an existing basketball system, to a pole, or roof via mounting hardware (sold separately).

Best for: Tight spaces or areas where there is no fixed place for a pole/bar. Casual but regular players, families, teens.

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Height adjustments

Infinite Adjust

Preset Adjust

Infinite adjustment lifts can be set to any height between 7.5 to 10 feet (2.3 to 3 metres).Preset adjustment lifts can be set to predetermined heights in 4 or 6 inch (10 or 15cm) increments.

STEP 2: Choose a backboard type and size

Choosing a backboard type



Glass backboards feature the best rebound performance and are ideal for highly competitive play.

Best for: Heavy use; competition or professional players.

Acrylic backboards feature great rebound performance and are ideal for competitive play.

Best for: Casual-heavy use; families, teens and children.




Polycarbonate backboards feature good rebound performance and are ideal for recreational play.

Best for: Casual use; children.

Composite backboards offer a recreational level of play and a larger variety of colour options.

Best for: Young children playing for fun.


Choosing a backboard size

Size considerations:

Sportsmart offers basketball backboards in 6 sizes: 32”, 42”, 44”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54” and 60”. The main factors affecting the size you choose are the size of your playing area and the skill level of those who will be using it.

The 32” is a junior basketball system, best for young kids from 3 years old.

The 42” and 44” backboards are most suited to young children playing casually.

Backboards sized 48”, 50” and 52” are best for a small playing area, and can often be a good option to suit budgets.

For a playing area the size of a 2-car driveway, a 54” or 60” backboard is ideal.


Sportsmart has a wide range of basketball systems suited to all types of players. For more advice and information, view our range of basketball systems and backboards online, visit one of our Melbourne stores or phone our online team on (03) 9091 5024.

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