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Gift Ideas for Sporty People

Do you have a family member or friend who you are struggling to find a Christmas gift for?

Firstly, do they love sport? Secondly, Do they love a particular sport?

We’ve put together a list of different sports and gift ideas that anyone who plays these sports or wants to start playing would love!

Ps. No harm treating yourself either 😉

Gifts for the Netballer



  • Netball Stand: At Sportsmart we stock a range of different Netball stands in varying prices, so there is something to suit everyone.
  • Netballs: We stock Mitre and Gilbert Netballs in both size 4 & 5 in a range of different colours and patterns.
  • Netball shoes: Why not treat yourself and purchase from our wide range of Netball shoes, or buy a voucher and let them choose their own.

Gifts for the Soccer Player


  • Supporter wear: We have a wide range of team supporter wear including: AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Socceroos, Borussia Dortmund, Celtic, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Melbourne Victory, PSG, Real Madrid and Tottenham.
  • Soccer Accessories: We have a wide range of training items available, from: Soccer goals, practice inflatable defence man and markers.
  • Protective wear: Does your child need new shinguard’s or gloves? We’ve got you covered!
  • Soccer balls:  Everyone loves a new ball for Christmas. We stock a range of brands (Mitre, adidas and Nike), colours patterns and all sizes (3, 4 and 5).

Gifts for the Tennis Player


  • Tennis Balls: Somehow these always end up lost or missing so you can never have enough If you play. Also if you’re heading to the Australian Open, save some time and money and pick yourself up a giant novelty tennis ball for all your signatures!
  • Tennis Racquets: For kids we have Junior racquets for UNDER $50 so these make an awesome gift if your child wants to start playing. We also have a variety of different priced senior racquets as well for the more advanced player.
  • Bags: If you have a few tennis players in the family these bags can be great for storage, or if you have a little pro on your hands then these will make life easier when rushing them off to practice (a gift for the kids or for you? 😉)

Gifts for the Basketballer


  • BBall Systems:  These make amazing family gifts. We stock a massive range from entry level to top of the range, so we really do have something for everyone. Will your child be the next LeBron James?
  • Basketball Shoes: We have a wide range of junior and senior shoes (and1 and Nike). Spoil yourself or give them a gift card to get your own.
  • Basketballs: We stock a variety of different basketballs suited to both indoor and outdoor playing. Different sizes are available to suit all ages.

 Gifts for the Cricketer

Kooka bats.jpg

  • Outdoor Cricket sets: Heading into summer means a lot of time spent at the beach…who doesn’t love beach cricket? Perfect for kids of all ages and even for dads of all ages.
  • Cricket packages: we have some incredible junior cricket packages available that covers just about everything the little cricketer will need for the season.
  • BBL gear: With BBL starting soon grab your supporter wear and even get playing yourself with our awesome light up stumps and balls.
  • Playing Gear: We have everything from bats, padding, bags, clothing and balls. No matter what age or size we’ve got your cricketer covered this Christmas.

How to fit kids shoes correctly

Our  January Sale is helping you get your kids ready for “Back To School”, so we’ve put together a quick guide on how to make sure you get the best shoe for your child.

  1. Measure both feet and always fit shoes to the larger foot. When in a store, get the shoes professionally fitted. If you already know your child’s size, purchasing online should be a bre3eze.
  1. When the shoes are on your child’s feet, stand your child up, and check to ensure there is about half an inch (or a thumb width) of room between the end of the shoe and your child’s biggest toe. This is especially important in running shoes, as the foot expands when warm.
  1. Next, while your child has the shoe on and is sitting down, test the ankle fit by gently tugging at the back of the shoe. The shoe should not pop off.
  1. Make sure you feel all around the shoe to ensure there is no bulging or tightness. Snug is okay.
  1. Lastly, make your child walk around the store in the shoe and watch to make sure they are walking normally and there is no slipping or gaping.

Most importantly, a correctly fitted shoe should feel comfortable.

Remember, we offer free shipping on footwear orders over $50, and if you purchase the wrong size, Sportsmart will be happy to offer you an exchange or refund within 14 days.4

Visit us in store to have one of our professional footwear staff fit your child’s shoes, or shop our range of kids shoes online NOW.

Mesut Özil Q&A and the adidas ACE 16+ Pure Control


Ozil_Laceless_PR KEY VISUAL

Ozil is among the first to wear the adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control

How is the premier league different to the Bundesliga?

The Premier League is a lot faster and a lot more physical. You don’t have as much time on the ball so it’s crucial to make early decisions. The Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world and to boss the game on a stage like this you need to be on top form every week.

How do you prepare for a game? Do you have any rituals or superstitions?

I always used to have the same ritual before every game where I make only knots with the laces instead of tying them in the traditional way, and then tuck them in. I think that if you tie your laces in the traditional way it’s harder to control the ball as the surface area is not flat. That’s why I’m so excited for the ACE 16+ Pure Control and having a laceless surface, though I will need a new pre-match routine now!

What did you think when you first saw the ACE 16+ Pure Control?

Honestly? I was so excited. I’ve tried my whole career to minimise the impact of laces on my game. To have a laceless boot is a dream come true.

You’ve already reached double figures when it comes to assists this season, how does it feel to be bossing the game right now?

It’s a really great feeling knowing I’m contributing to the team. It’s easy to boss the game when you’re playing with so many great players and my aim now is to break the record for the most assists in a Premier League season.

We know you boss the game on the pitch but we also know you love cars. What do you drive to boss the road?

I’m a big lover of cars and it’s one of the few luxuries I enjoy spending my money on. Right now you’d find me behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It’s a really awesome car.

We know music is a big part of your life, who do you think bosses the stage?

I’ll listen to music before every match to get myself psyched up and right now I’m really into my Hip Hop. It’s hard to say who is the biggest boss in hip hop, as it’s a genre full of incredible performers. But if I could choose my ideal gig it would be kicked off by Kanye West – currently my favourite artist – followed by Wiz Khalifa and finished by Drake.

It’s no secret that you’re into fashion and have a particular post-match grooming routine. Can you shed some light on this?

I like to take care of myself and take pride in my appearance. Football players like to take care of themselves and pay attention to the way they dress. I think as a human being you need variety; you can’t just do football, you need a combination. Football is of course my main focus, which is a lot of fun and I love to be on the pitch. But I have other interests beside that, like fashion or being with my family. I am a big sneaker fan and adidas has a lot to offer there.

What’s been your footballing highlight to date?

That’s a really difficult question to answer. Winning two FA Cups with my club has been fantastic as it’s something our fans waited eight years for. But the ultimate highlight has to be lifting the World Cup with Germany. There was real expectation around us before the tournament and we stepped up and delivered, including a huge performance against Brazil. It was incredible to walk off the pitch with my team mates knowing that the world would be talking about that game for a long time.

The world’s first high performance laceless boot – the ACE 16+ Pure Control – will be available in a VERY limited number at Sportsmart’s Moorabbin store soon.



Q&A with Sportsmart’s Footwear Manager, Ryan Meggs

Q. Why are there specific shoes for indoor football/soccer (futsal)?

The major difference between regular sports footwear and indoor soccer shoes is the gum rubber out-sole, which actually becomes more tacky and offers greater grip as it heats up in a short period of time.

Many indoor soccer shoes are based on their outdoor football equivalent. For example, there are some that are lighter than others for increased speed, whereas others are designed for great touch for overall better ball control.

Q. What should I look for when choosing an indoor football boot?

The answer to this will vary depending on the type of indoor soccer shoes that you are seeking. For example, you may be looking for a football shoe for greater court speed, or a football shoe for better ball control or passing accuracy. There will usually be several options in all styles at a variety of price points, but generally the high priced football shoes will have better durability, as they tend to be made with higher quality materials as well as including more features to help improve your game.

Q. What is the best way to ensure I choose the right sized boot if I buy them from Sportsmart’s online store?

All indoor soccer shoes will be a very similar fit to your everyday sports shoes. So, if you are size 10 US in a pair of runners, you will usually be a size 10 US in a pair of indoor soccer shoes. If for some reason the size isn’t right, call our online team on (03) 9091 5024 to arrange an exchange for another size.

Q. What brands of indoor football boots does Sportsmart stock?

Sportsmart stocks one of the largest ranges of indoor soccer shoes in Australia, featuring all models and colours from Nike, adidas and Diadora.

Q. What are the most popular models of indoor soccer boots right now?

Our best selling models at the moment are the new Nike Mercurial and Nike Magista X ranges, which both feature the Dynamic Fit Collar. There is also a variety of popular adidas styles, especially the classic adidas Mundial Goal.

Q. How do I best care for my indoor soccer boots to get more wear from them?

There isn’t a lot of maintenance required with indoor soccer shoes as they are not worn outdoors, and therefore don’t get wet or covered in mud. But we still advise that you regularly wipe them down with a damp cloth to help keep the upper clean, and make sure that the outsole is clean and free of dirt.

Q. Which indoor football boot is your personal favourite right now?

The new release models of Nike Mercurial & Magista X range are my favorite as they have plenty of technical features as well as some really modern styling.

Visit your local Sportsmart store for advice and fitting, or browse our indoor football shoe range online (free shipping on footwear!)

Nike Mercurial X Proximo Indoor Soccer Boot

Nike Mercurial X Proximo Indoor Football Boot

Nike Magista X Proximo Senior Indoor Football Boot

Nike Magista X Proximo Indoor Football Boot


One of our most popular blog posts has always been our guide to moulding mouthguards.

This is a guide only – it is important to carefully follow any specific instructions detailed in the leaflet included with your mouthguard purchase.

Using a mouthguard in contact sports – such as hockey, AFL, soccer, rugby and boxing – is very important, especially for junior players. A properly fitted mouthguard is essential for protection. The most popular type of mouthguard is the self-fit, which is heated and then formed to fit your mouth.

To mould a mouthguard:

1. Boil a small pot of water, then transfer the boiling water into a ceramic bowl.

2. Submerge the mouthguard for about 20 seconds. The mouthguard should have instructions for the correct amount of time. Remember, the mouthguard should be heated to the point that you are able to mould it, not the point where it starts to melt.

3. Remove the mouthguard from the water using a spoon or its fitting handle (if one was supplied). Do not squeeze as this may deform the mouthguard.

4. Cool the mouthguard either by dipping it in cool water or air-drying. Check your mouthguard instructions to see if water is recommended. You only need to cool the mouthguard to the point where you can put it in your mouth without burning yourself.

5. Place the mouthguard into your mouth to mould it. Push the mouthguard against your teeth with your fingers and bite down for about 30 seconds. Pull the guard tighter to your teeth by placing your tongue against the roof of your mouth and sucking the air and water out.

6. Now you need to cool the mouthguard. Some instructions advise that the guard is cooled rapidly after it has been fitted by dipping it in cold water, or by keeping it in the mouth while drinking some cool water.

* If the mouthguard does not fit properly, you can remould it by starting the process again.

Using a mouth-formed mouthguard is the easiest way to ensure the mouthguard fits perfectly to your mouth. Be sure to inspect your mouthguard frequently and replace it if it becomes deformed or you notice that the edges become jagged.

Sportsmart stocks a variety of mouthguards from Signature and Opro for both seniors and juniors.

Our Signature mouthguards are available in Type 1 (entry-level), Type 2 (available in club colours) and Type 3 (Vipa – includes a polycarbonate insert).

Our Opro range includes the Opro Junior, Opro Bronze, Opro Silver, Opro Gold and Opro Platinum, available in a variety of colours and in an Ortho option.

You can view our range of mouthguards online or visit a store to select the type that will best suit your sporting needs.

Opro Platinum Mouthguard

Opro Platinum Mouthguard

Opro Ortho Gold Mouthguard - black

Opro Ortho Gold Mouthguard – black

Opro Silver Mouthguard - white

Opro Silver Mouthguard – white

Opro Bronze Mouthguard - black

Opro Bronze Mouthguard – black


Opro Junior Mouthguard - yellow

Opro Junior Mouthguard – yellow


Start your football season at Sportsmart.

We have the best range, latest releases and best prices on a huge range of football boots (AFL and soccer) from all the big brands – Nike, adidas, Puma, ASICS, Concave, Diadora and Nomis.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our favourite new season football boots:

adidas F50 Adizero FG (Normal $259, Members $215)

adidas F50 Adizero FG

adidas F50 Adizero FG

Puma Evopower 3.2 FG (Normal $89, Members $79)

Puma Evopower 3.2 FG

Puma Evopower 3.2 FG

asics Gel Lethal Tigreor 8 IT ($229, see in store for members price)

asics Gel Lethal Tigreor 8 IT

asics Gel Lethal Tigreor 8 IT

Concave Halo + FG (Normal $199, Members $179)

Concave Halo + FG

Concave Halo + FG

Diadora Venom 4 junior (Normal $35, Members $29)

Diadora Venom 4 junior

Diadora Venom 4 junior

Nomis Rapid FG junior ($39)

Nomis Rapid FG junior

Nomis Rapid FG junior

We also have a huge range of Nike and adidas soccer balls, Sherrin footballs, protective gear such as mouthguards, headguards, gloves and shinguards, as well as training aids from SKLZ, PSG and Quickster.

Shop smart at Sportsmart, for all your football needs – AFL and soccer.

Planet football


Footballs can range in price from $10 to $180. With such a large range of balls to choose from, Gerrard Woods (Director, Sportsmart) explains the main differences.


There are 3 main types of material generally used when making the outer of a ball. This plays the largest role in what use the ball is recommended for.


PVC – Recreational/Junior Training

PVC is the cheapest material used to make balls. Balls made from PVC are recommended for recreational use (backyard, etc) or early years junior training. These balls perform better in the warmer conditions of summer than in wetter, winter conditions.

Patrick Boca soccer ball

Patrick Boca soccer ball


TPU – Training/Junior Match Balls (under 12 & below)

TPU is a light and extremely flexible material that can be used in soccer balls. TPU is often combined with a foam layer, giving the ball a softer touch. The softer touch helps player control of the ball and helps gives junior players confidence with the ball (especially when heading).

Robust in Melbourne’s winter conditions, TPU balls are great training balls for all levels, and junior level match balls.

Nike Strike soccer ball

Nike Strike soccer ball


PU – Match Balls

Premium level balls are usually made from a PU material for the outer. These balls have a true feel and touch, and retain their shape better during play due to the thicker material. These balls are either hand-stitched or constructed using advanced technology such as thermal bonding.

Balls of this level also can carry international recognised certifications as to quality such as FIFA™ Approved, FIFA™ Inspected or International Match Ball Standard. Balls carrying these certifications must pass mandatory quality standards with regard to shape, shape retention, bounce, weight, etc.

These balls are recommended for all level matches, especially seniors, with internationally certified balls recommended for use in Senior NPL codes in Victoria.

Nike Premier Team FIFA soccer ball

Nike Premier Team FIFA soccer ball


Sportsmart is the official Retail Partner of Football Federation Victoria and offers great deals on balls to all football clubs around Australia.

For a quote, please email


Sportsmart is excited to announce our partnership with Football Federation Victoria (FFV) as official retail partner, with the three-year partnership set to benefit the entire Victorian football community.

The partnership was unveiled at today’s launch of the newly branded ‘Sportsmart Women’s Premier League’ – Victoria’s top-tier women’s competition – which kicks off on Friday night when Box Hill United hosts Ashburton Womens.

FFV General Manager of Commercial, Marketing and Communications, Anthony Grima, says he is thrilled to formalise FFV’s relationship with Sportsmart.

“This partnership will not only ensure commercial sustainability but will translate to major benefits for the entire football community,” says Grima.

“It will lift the professionalism of our organisation to a whole new level, while servicing the needs of all our key stakeholders including players, coaches, referees and most importantly our clubs, providing access to high quality teamwear, sporting equipment and retail products.”

With four stores across Melbourne and a strong online digital presence, we are a privately owned company and have been part of Melbourne’s sporting scene since 1969.

Sportsmart will also hold naming rights for all community junior leagues, proudly present FFV’s annual Club Administrators Conference and operate FFV’s future online shop.

Sportsmart director Gerrard Woods says it is an “exciting time” to be involved in Victorian football.

“We are delighted to play an integral part in supporting Victorian football and to also have the Sportsmart name attached to the Women’s Premier League,” says Woods.

“We see the excitement within the Victorian football family via the many grassroots clubs we already service, including several in the WPL who are a part of our Club Advantage program.”

Head of the WPL, Liam Bentley, welcomed Sportsmart’s association with the WPL.

“Women’s football in particular has been on the rise for some time, especially now in Victoria on the back of Melbourne Victory winning the Westfield W-League title,” Bentley says.

“We are delighted to have Sportsmart associated with the WPL.”

Keep up-to-date with all the Sportsmart WPL news, video, features and more via the official website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.


FFV and Sportsmart WPL


Wearing a mouthguard in contact sports is very important, especially for junior players. A properly fitted mouthguard is essential for you to be protected.

How to mould a mouthguard:

Firstly, boil a small pot of water and submerge the mouthguard for about 20 to 30 seconds. Your mouthguard should have instructions for the correct amount of time. Remember, the mouthguard should be heated to the point that you are able to mould it not the point where it is beginning to melt.

Remove the mouthguard from the water using tongs (you do not want to deform the mouthguard by squeezing too tightly). Cool the mouthguard either by dipping it in cool water or allowing it to air dry. Check your mouthguard instructions to see if water is recommended. You only need to cool the mouthguard to the point where you can put it in your mouth without burning yourself.

Place the mouthguard in your mouth to mould it. Push the mouthguard against your teeth with your fingers and bite down lightly. Pull the guard tighter to your teeth by placing your tongue against the roof of your mouth and sucking the air and water out.

Now you need to cool the mouthguard. Some instructions say that the guard needs to cool rapidly after it has been fitted by dipping it in cold water. If the mouthguard does not fit properly, you can remould it by starting the process again.

Using a mouth-formed mouthguard is the easiest way to ensure the mouthguard fits perfectly to your mouth. Be sure to inspect your mouthguard frequently and replace it if it becomes deformed or you notice that the edges become jagged.

Sportsmart stocks a variety of mouthguards for both seniors and juniors. You can view our range of mouthguards online or visit our stores to select the type that will best suit your needs.

OPRO Platinum Mouthguard - blue/red

OPRO Platinum Mouthguard – blue/red

Interview with Stephanie Catley, Sportsmart employee and Melbourne Victory captain

When did you develop your passion for football?
My passion for football started a long time before I even started playing for an organised team. My brother and I use to play around in the front yard with two other boys who lived up the road from us. I also played at school during lunch times with the boys in my year level; when I was six I copied my brother and joined the same club as him – East Bentleigh Soccer Club.

How long have you been playing with Melbourne Victory?

I have just recently completed my fifth season with Melbourne. I made my debut against Perth Glory at Etihad stadium when I was 15.

What position do you play?

I play Left back. During my junior years I was always a left midfielder and I loved to attack, so I enjoy moving forward from my defensive position too.

Tell us about representing Australia in the Matilda’s.

There is no better feeling. I’ve represented Australia at junior levels (Under 17’s and 20’s) and putting on the Australian uniform was always the greatest feeling. However, nothing can match the first time I put on my first Matilda’s shirt. I was 17 and we played against New Zealand in Wollongong. That was one of the best moments in my life so far because I’d reached a personal goal of mine, something that I’d worked so hard to get to.

You’ve recently been signed to play for Portland in the NWSL – what differences do you expect with the standard of play compared to the W-league in Australia?

I suppose I’m not entirely sure what to expect, I’ve played with a fair few Americans who have come to Melbourne Victory and many of them have played with the same sort of characteristics – hard working, strong and quick. The speed of play was something I noticed after watching a few NWSL games online last season, one-two touch football. I can’t wait to get over there to start training and learning.

Which boots do you wear, and why are they your top choice?

I wear Nike Tiempo Legends and always have – my first ever pair of Nikes were a pair of Tiempos (photo below).
Personally, I don’t like boots that are too light. So I find the Tiempos to be the perfect weight. I also love the classic design, they’re not too flashy but they’re quite interesting with the colours that they bring out.

Stephanie's Tiempos

What is your training regime?

With Melbourne Victory – Training 4 times a week, 1-2 gym sessions, 1 personal skills/running session.
I have a scholarship with the Victorian Institute of Sport and in the off-season I complete strength and conditioning there.
And with the National team, we train every day when we’re in camp, sometimes twice a day.

What training gear do you wear?

It depends which team I’m representing. In the national team we wear Nike, and we wear Adidas for Melbourne Victory. Personally, I love Nike – all of their training gear is super comfortable and attractive, and of course I always pick Tiempos as my preferred boot.

Who inspires you?

Lots of people have inspired me throughout my life: from my lovely mother Lesley – who has worked hard her entire life to give my brother and I everything she possibly could and also driven me out to Darebin four nights a week for training until I was old enough to buy a car – to my favourite St Kilda player Lenny Hayes, whose leadership skills, modesty and ability to be consistently brilliant on the field inspire me everyday. Just to name a couple…

What’s been your career highlight so far?

So far, making my debut for the Matildas and winning the W-League with Melbourne Victory this year.

Who do you follow in the EPL?

I follow Liverpool. They are so enjoyable to watch, they move the ball around quickly and skilfully and I could watch players like Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez all day.

How long have you worked at Sportsmart, and what does your job entail?

I have worked at Sportsmart since I finished high school which was end of 2011, start of 2012.
I work in the mighty Footwear department. My job entails helping customers to find the right shoe/boot for them, lots of tidying, making shelf talkers (my favourite part of the job), unpacking and putting away new stock and lots of other things.

How do you find a balance with fitting in all your commitments?

Balance is always difficult when my football is pretty much full-time; when I was fresh out of high school and saving for a car, I worked at Sportsmart Monday through to Friday. Now I’m only working on Fridays because my commitments to football have grown quite dramatically since then. I enjoy the challenge of finding balance as it helps me appreciate the time I have to relax with family and friends. I’m currently in a busy time of year with the National team, but once I’m over in Portland I’m going to start an online course through Swinburne University – Bachelor of Education (Primary).

What do you like to do in your downtime?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, heading to the beach, reading and I spend a lot of time getting coffee with my Melbourne Victory teammates. When I have downtime, I like to keep it as relaxed as possible so that I have enough energy for training later in the day.