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Gift Ideas for Sporty People

Do you have a family member or friend who you are struggling to find a Christmas gift for?

Firstly, do they love sport? Secondly, Do they love a particular sport?

We’ve put together a list of different sports and gift ideas that anyone who plays these sports or wants to start playing would love!

Ps. No harm treating yourself either 😉

Gifts for the Netballer



  • Netball Stand: At Sportsmart we stock a range of different Netball stands in varying prices, so there is something to suit everyone.
  • Netballs: We stock Mitre and Gilbert Netballs in both size 4 & 5 in a range of different colours and patterns.
  • Netball shoes: Why not treat yourself and purchase from our wide range of Netball shoes, or buy a voucher and let them choose their own.

Gifts for the Soccer Player


  • Supporter wear: We have a wide range of team supporter wear including: AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Socceroos, Borussia Dortmund, Celtic, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Melbourne Victory, PSG, Real Madrid and Tottenham.
  • Soccer Accessories: We have a wide range of training items available, from: Soccer goals, practice inflatable defence man and markers.
  • Protective wear: Does your child need new shinguard’s or gloves? We’ve got you covered!
  • Soccer balls:  Everyone loves a new ball for Christmas. We stock a range of brands (Mitre, adidas and Nike), colours patterns and all sizes (3, 4 and 5).

Gifts for the Tennis Player


  • Tennis Balls: Somehow these always end up lost or missing so you can never have enough If you play. Also if you’re heading to the Australian Open, save some time and money and pick yourself up a giant novelty tennis ball for all your signatures!
  • Tennis Racquets: For kids we have Junior racquets for UNDER $50 so these make an awesome gift if your child wants to start playing. We also have a variety of different priced senior racquets as well for the more advanced player.
  • Bags: If you have a few tennis players in the family these bags can be great for storage, or if you have a little pro on your hands then these will make life easier when rushing them off to practice (a gift for the kids or for you? 😉)

Gifts for the Basketballer


  • BBall Systems:  These make amazing family gifts. We stock a massive range from entry level to top of the range, so we really do have something for everyone. Will your child be the next LeBron James?
  • Basketball Shoes: We have a wide range of junior and senior shoes (and1 and Nike). Spoil yourself or give them a gift card to get your own.
  • Basketballs: We stock a variety of different basketballs suited to both indoor and outdoor playing. Different sizes are available to suit all ages.

 Gifts for the Cricketer

Kooka bats.jpg

  • Outdoor Cricket sets: Heading into summer means a lot of time spent at the beach…who doesn’t love beach cricket? Perfect for kids of all ages and even for dads of all ages.
  • Cricket packages: we have some incredible junior cricket packages available that covers just about everything the little cricketer will need for the season.
  • BBL gear: With BBL starting soon grab your supporter wear and even get playing yourself with our awesome light up stumps and balls.
  • Playing Gear: We have everything from bats, padding, bags, clothing and balls. No matter what age or size we’ve got your cricketer covered this Christmas.

How to fit kids shoes correctly

Our  January Sale is helping you get your kids ready for “Back To School”, so we’ve put together a quick guide on how to make sure you get the best shoe for your child.

  1. Measure both feet and always fit shoes to the larger foot. When in a store, get the shoes professionally fitted. If you already know your child’s size, purchasing online should be a bre3eze.
  1. When the shoes are on your child’s feet, stand your child up, and check to ensure there is about half an inch (or a thumb width) of room between the end of the shoe and your child’s biggest toe. This is especially important in running shoes, as the foot expands when warm.
  1. Next, while your child has the shoe on and is sitting down, test the ankle fit by gently tugging at the back of the shoe. The shoe should not pop off.
  1. Make sure you feel all around the shoe to ensure there is no bulging or tightness. Snug is okay.
  1. Lastly, make your child walk around the store in the shoe and watch to make sure they are walking normally and there is no slipping or gaping.

Most importantly, a correctly fitted shoe should feel comfortable.

Remember, we offer free shipping on footwear orders over $50, and if you purchase the wrong size, Sportsmart will be happy to offer you an exchange or refund within 14 days.4

Visit us in store to have one of our professional footwear staff fit your child’s shoes, or shop our range of kids shoes online NOW.


Introducing the new Women’s Asics Netball shoes

ASICS Gel-Netburner Super 7


Key points: Durable, supportive, all-rounder

  • Great all-rounder netball shoe, suited to both indoor and outdoor playing surfaces.
  • Features X Grooving, making the shoe flex easier for the movements of netball.
  • Includes forefoot and rearfoot GEL, for better shock absorption and comfort.

ASICS Gel-Netburner Professional 13


Key points: Lightweight, responsive, neutral

  • A lightweight and responsive netball shoe, with design and build based on a running shoe.
  • Ideal netball shoe for a neutral foot.
  • Includes forefoot and rearfoot GEL for better shock absorption, and has midfoot Trusstic for extra support and stability.

ASICS Gel-Netburner Ballistic



Key points: Durable, comfortable, neutral

  • A wrapped outsole on both medial and lateral sides enhances durability.
  • Features midfoot Trusstic for stability and support.
  • Mid-top (black only) cut provides additional ankle support, and is best suited to a neutral foot

ASICS Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT


Key points: Durable, supportive, neutral

  • Ideal netball shoe for a neutral foot.
  • A wrapped outsole on both medial and lateral sides enhances durability.
  • It is a mid-top shoe, which provides additional ankle support.

ASICS Gel-Netburner 18

netburner 18

Key points: High-performance, comfort, arch support

  • High-performance midsole that incorporates a raised heel, making it ideal for netball players who experience strain on the Achilles tendon.
  • Increased comfort with Softtop DuoMax.
  • Midsole Trusstic provides great arch support and torsion stability.

ASICS Gel-Netburner Academy 7

academy 7

Key points: Durable, comfort, neutral

  • Perfect for a neutral foot type, it also features a high abrasion-resistant rubber outsole to reduce excessive wear.
  • Combination of Solyte and SpEVA midsoles, for extra cushioning and bounce-back.

ASICS Gel-Game


Key points: Value, shock absorption, social netballer

  • Versatile netball shoe, suited to both indoor and outdoor playing surfaces.
  • Forefoot GEL and midfoot Trusstic, for improved shock absorption, stability and support.
  • A good entry-level netball shoe for social netballers.


Shop the range in store and online NOW

5 tips for choosing Kids Sports Shoes for School & Sport

5 tips for choosing Kids Sports Shoes for School

When purchasing sports shoes for your kids- you know that it is hard enough holding your kid still to ensure they receive the correct fitting shoes let alone the correct shoe.

Here are tips we here at SPORTSMART have put together to help you choose the correct Kids Sports Shoes


5 tips for choosing kids sports shoes

1) Choose the correct shoe for the correct purpose

What will the shoes be used for? Will they be used for running and will the shoes be used for multiple purposes such as kicking a football or playing court surfaces sports such as Netball & basketball.

Kids running footwear are designed for running, specifically running in straight lines and even more specifically- running forward! They are made with lightweight materials (Such as mesh on the upper and blown rubber outsoles) which are great for running as they are light- however, they are not that durable. If you think, kicking a ball or running around on asphalt playgrounds are pretty abrasive activities so our shoes need to be durable to match.

If you kid is always going through their shoes before they outgrow- you need to choose a more durable shoes such as Cross Trainer. Cross Trainers have a more durable upper and outsole that wears better. Sure- they are heavier – but they will last longer in long run.

Playing a particular sport? It’s always best to choose the correct shoe for the correct sport. Remember- these kids shoes are designed for the particular need of sport. Using them for purposes that are not correct, will wear through the shoes quicker, and also not be as enjoyable for your child/


2) Think about the colour

Does your child’s school have rules about what colour shoes they must wear? Does your child always get their footwear dirty and you do not know how to clean kids sports shoes?

Maybe you need to consider black kids sports footwear option? Whilst black kids shoes are not technically any cleaner, they do hide the marks a lot better than white ones.


3) Consider how well your child can tie their laces?

If you child needs help tying their shoes laces- maybe consider kids velco sports shoes as an option.

Velcro are a great option- they build confidence in your child by making them self sufficient.


4) Does your child need extra arch support in their kids sports footwear?

Have you been recommended to have more arch support for child’s footwear by a podiatrist?

A quick trick to find if a shoe has arch support is to look on the inside side of the kids sport shoe. If the arch is a dark colour- this indicates the shoe has arch support as this part of a sole is a denser piece of foam to the rest of the sole.


5) Fit the shoes for a little bit of growing room- but not too much.

Playing sport is fun for kids. Don’t diminish that fun by having them wear flippers.

Allow about a thumb width (yours) of room at the front of the foot- this allows enough space for a growth spurt – but not enough for the foot to be swimming in the foot. Shoes are designed to be correctly fitting- kids will perform better, and have more fun especially if they are in correctly fitting kids sports shoes.



ASICS GEL NETBURNER SUPER 6 (2 colours available)

Key points: durable, supportive and stable

– Fluid Ride mid-sole offers reduced weight and increased cushioning

– Gel units in both forefoot and rearfoot help absorb shock during play

– Duomax technology and Trusstic system provide maximum stability and support



Key points: lightweight, responsive and neutral

– Designed to look and feel like a running shoe, with rear and forefoot Gel cushioning units

– 3D multi-layer printed upper offers mid-foot support

– Built on a lower profile for greater flexibility, particularly in the forefoot



Key points: new model, neutral and supportive

– Wrapped outsole on both medial and lateral sides for durability

– Visible Gel units in both the rear and forefoot for maximum cushioning

– Midfoot Trusstic system for enhanced stability



Asics Gel Netburner Ballistic MT


Key points: new model, supportive and durable

– First Asics netball shoe to feature a mid cut option for more ankle support

– Wrapped outsole on both medial and lateral sides for durability

– Suitable for neutral foot types, with rear and forefoot Gel cushioning


ASICS GEL NETBURNER 18 (2 colours available)

Key points: stable, supportive and durable

– 3mm increased heel gradient helps players who suffer Achilles tendon strain

– Softtop Duomax for increased comfort and stability

– Hard-wearing Asics High Abrasive Rubber (AHAR) outsole limits excessive wear


ASICS GEL ACADEMY 6 (2 colours available)

Key points: durable, supportive and great value

– Neutral offering with both rear and front foot cushioning

– Midfoot Trusstic system for greater stability

– Wrapped outsole and stitched toe box guard against wear and tear


ASICS GEL PIVOT 10 (2 colours available)

Key points: entry level, stability and durable

– Front foot Gel cushioning

– Trusstic system for mid-foot stability

– Hard-wearing Asics High Abrasive Rubber (AHAR) outsole limits excessive wear



ASICS NETBURNER SUPER 6 GS (1 colour available)

Asics Gel Netburner Super 6 GS

Key points: durable, supportive and stable

– High performance shoe with large amounts of cushioning and support

– Front and rear Gel cushioning units for maximum comfort

– Durable solid rubber outsole



Key points: lightweight, responsive and neutral

– New tooling for greater durability

– Asics Gel cushioning helps reduce shock and absorb impact

– Solid rubber outsole for enhanced grip


ASICS GEL NETBURNER 18 GS (1 colour available)

Asics Gel Netburner 18 GS

Key points: entry level, comfortable and durable

– 3M reflective upper

– Rear-foot Gel cushioning for greater comfort and shock absorption

– Solid rubber outsole provides great traction and durability


View and shop our senior netball shoes

View and shop our junior netball shoes

Find your local Sportsmart store

Remember, we offer free shipping on footwear when you shop online!


The winner of Sportsmart and Netball Scoop’s competition, Ebony gave the most creative answer to the question ‘Why do you love netball?’ and has won a free pair of netball shoes of her choice.Ebony visited Sportsmart Moorabbin this past weekend to select her free netball shoes and has chosen the Asics Gel Netburner Professional 9 netball shoes!

The Asics Gel Professional 9 netball shoes shoes are a great choice for netballers who are looking for a stable, yet well cushioned netball shoe. These netball shoes combine the feel of running shoes with the grip and durability of a netball shoe. The Asics Gel Netburner Professional 9 netball shoes are extremely comfortable and feature high levels of support from heel to toe. Further, they feature forefoot and rearfoot GEL units to further enhance comfort.

The upper of these Asics netball shoes are made from a combination of leather and mesh, this enhances the shoes flexibility and ensures they are lightweight. Asics has also included a Clutch Collar system to improve the overall fit of the shoe. This feature allows the heel to be customised to the shape of your foot and provides rearfoot stability. Additionally, the assymetrical lacing system reduces the pressure across the top of the foot.

The Gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot help to reduce the impact of shock and provide netballers with the comfort they need on the court. DuoMax has also been used as Asics recognise that a lot of pressure is placed on the medial side of the foot during play. This firm material combined with Gender Space Trusstic encases the heel to give you the support you need when you need it most.

Netball is known to cause stress on your lower limbs due to the side-to-side movement experienced during play, therefore a 3 piece herringbone has been included in the outsole for those who prefer increased flexibility. Asics understand that netball shoes need to be able withstand play and have wrapped the outsole around the midsole to increase the durability of these netball shoes.

Ebony had a great time choosing her new Asics Gel Netburner Professional 9 netball shoes (in her favourite colour, pink) and we wish her all the best in her future in netball. The Asics Gel Netburner Professional 9 netball shoes are available in store (we have four stores based in Victoria) and online at Sportsmart. We also offer free shipping Australia-wide on all footwear purchased online.

Ebony's choice - Asics Gel Netburner Professional 9

Ebony’s choice – Asics Gel Netburner Professional 9


We have a winner!

Sportsmart and Netball Scoop‘s competition to win a pair of netball shoes has been judged, and the winner is… Ebony O’Neill – congratulations Ebony!

We had more than 130 entries to the question “Why do you love netball?”, with many excellent and inspirational answers. Ebony’s creative answer was: “Boring sports are my frustration; Netball’s my salvation; A fun-filled action-packed sensation; It’s the number one pastime of our nation!”

As Ebony’s prize, she gets to choose a pair of shoes from Sportsmart’s netball footwear range. We’ll keep you posted on her choice.

Thank you to all who entered. And, as a reminder, the vouchers for 25% off full-priced netball shoes provided to all those who entered are valid until Sunday, so it’s not too late to grab a bargain!



Sportsmart and Netball Scoop have teamed up to create a competition exclusive to Netball Scoop readers.

Sportsmart is offering the opportunity to win a pair of netball shoes*! Go to and tell us in 25 words or less why you love netball.

PLUS, all entrants will receive a voucher for 25% off full-priced netball shoes.**

Entries close at midnight on Monday 30th September 2013. The winner will be contacted by email on Wednesday 2nd October.

Good luck!

*winners choice – subject to availability.

**25% off the full price, not the members price.


Check out our range of netball shoes now. Shipping is free when you buy online, or visit us in one of our Melbourne stores.


Just when you thought the Asics Gel Netburner couldn’t get any better, wait until you try the Asics Gel Netburner 15.

When it comes to women’s netball shoes, the high-performance Asics Gel Netburner 15 ticks all the boxes. Before you even put them on, the super stylish look will grab your attention, ensuring you will look the part both on and off court.

If you suffer from strain to your Achilles tendon, the Asics Gel Netburner 15 shoes are perfect as they feature Plus3 technology, which adds an extra 3mm to the heel gradient to reduce this stress.

Netball creates a lot of stress on the knees, ankles and feet, so cushioning for comfort against impact is important to help avoid injury. The Asics Gel Netburner 15 features the Soft Top DuoMax support system and gender-specific cushioning (essentially cushioning built to best support a female foot), as well as rearfoot and forefoot Gel units inside the lightweight Solyte midsole. These netball shoes certainly know how to look after your feet during all aspects of the game.

Asics has thought of everything – even toe drag is no longer a problem, with an Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR+) outsole, and extra protection is provided with the reinforced trusstic system, which provides arch support and torsional stability.

And if popularity is anything to go by, this new model Asics Gel Netburner 15 definitely proves itself as a worthy contender on the netball court.

Sportsmart currently stocks the Asics Gel Netburner 15, as well as many other netball shoes for both junior and senior players. View our netball shoes online, or visit one of our Melbourne stores to get expert advice on choosing the right netball shoes for your needs.

Asics Gel Netburner


Once you have gained possession of the ball, you might find that you are in a difficult position to pass to anyone. If you are in this situation you have the option of taking one step in any direction, better known as pivoting.

Balance is key in netball, before attempting the pivot you must regain balance. If you try to execute a pass while not fully in control there is a chance that an opposing player will intercept.

Once you are fully balanced you can start the manoeuvre. Choose the direction you want to be in and move one of your legs to make it point that way. The rotation is done on the ball of your stationary foot, while swinging the other leg around. If you are not happy with your position after your first pivot, do it again.

It is important to remember that the rules state that you can only move one of your legs, so once you have pivoted you must continue to keep the stationary leg still. Your upper body should also be kept as stationary as possible during the pivot. Keep your eye on the game at all times and be ready to execute a pass once you are stationary and under control. Your stationary foot must remain in contact with the floor until you have released the ball.

You need to keep your eye and mind on the game when pivoting and you need to be able to do it in the blink of an eye. The only way to achieve this and make it effective in a real game situation is to practice!