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Gift Ideas for Sporty People

Do you have a family member or friend who you are struggling to find a Christmas gift for?

Firstly, do they love sport? Secondly, Do they love a particular sport?

We’ve put together a list of different sports and gift ideas that anyone who plays these sports or wants to start playing would love!

Ps. No harm treating yourself either 😉

Gifts for the Netballer



  • Netball Stand: At Sportsmart we stock a range of different Netball stands in varying prices, so there is something to suit everyone.
  • Netballs: We stock Mitre and Gilbert Netballs in both size 4 & 5 in a range of different colours and patterns.
  • Netball shoes: Why not treat yourself and purchase from our wide range of Netball shoes, or buy a voucher and let them choose their own.

Gifts for the Soccer Player


  • Supporter wear: We have a wide range of team supporter wear including: AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Socceroos, Borussia Dortmund, Celtic, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Melbourne Victory, PSG, Real Madrid and Tottenham.
  • Soccer Accessories: We have a wide range of training items available, from: Soccer goals, practice inflatable defence man and markers.
  • Protective wear: Does your child need new shinguard’s or gloves? We’ve got you covered!
  • Soccer balls:  Everyone loves a new ball for Christmas. We stock a range of brands (Mitre, adidas and Nike), colours patterns and all sizes (3, 4 and 5).

Gifts for the Tennis Player


  • Tennis Balls: Somehow these always end up lost or missing so you can never have enough If you play. Also if you’re heading to the Australian Open, save some time and money and pick yourself up a giant novelty tennis ball for all your signatures!
  • Tennis Racquets: For kids we have Junior racquets for UNDER $50 so these make an awesome gift if your child wants to start playing. We also have a variety of different priced senior racquets as well for the more advanced player.
  • Bags: If you have a few tennis players in the family these bags can be great for storage, or if you have a little pro on your hands then these will make life easier when rushing them off to practice (a gift for the kids or for you? 😉)

Gifts for the Basketballer


  • BBall Systems:  These make amazing family gifts. We stock a massive range from entry level to top of the range, so we really do have something for everyone. Will your child be the next LeBron James?
  • Basketball Shoes: We have a wide range of junior and senior shoes (and1 and Nike). Spoil yourself or give them a gift card to get your own.
  • Basketballs: We stock a variety of different basketballs suited to both indoor and outdoor playing. Different sizes are available to suit all ages.

 Gifts for the Cricketer

Kooka bats.jpg

  • Outdoor Cricket sets: Heading into summer means a lot of time spent at the beach…who doesn’t love beach cricket? Perfect for kids of all ages and even for dads of all ages.
  • Cricket packages: we have some incredible junior cricket packages available that covers just about everything the little cricketer will need for the season.
  • BBL gear: With BBL starting soon grab your supporter wear and even get playing yourself with our awesome light up stumps and balls.
  • Playing Gear: We have everything from bats, padding, bags, clothing and balls. No matter what age or size we’ve got your cricketer covered this Christmas.

How to prepare your cricket bat

At Sportsmart, we offer bat preparation for you:

New natural-faced cricket bats need to be oiled and knocked in before play. The deluxe cricket bat preparation will eliminate hours of manual preparation. Please allow 4-5 business days for this service to be completed.*

If you prefer to do your own bat prep, follow the steps below:

Cricket bats are made primarily from two different types of wood. English Willow or Kashmir Willow. Both are very soft types of wood, and require preparation before they can be used to hit a cricket ball.83154_500

There are four stages involved in preparing your cricket bat:

1. Pressing, 2. Oiling, 3. Knocking In, 4. Playing In.

Stage 1: Pressing

Pressing the bat is important for two reasons. 1) It strengthens the fibers in the bat, and 2) Saves hours off the knocking in process. Some brands already do this stage for you, i.e. Kookaburra (KPP), but it doesn’t hurt to do a little bit more yourself.

Most bat prepping is done using a machine. Or using a mallet to knock it in, however this takes twice as long.

Stage 2: Oiling

Oiling helps reduce the chance that your cricket bat will crack or split. Oiling your bat helps to maintain moisture levels within the bat.


  • Using Linseed Oil, apply a light coat to the face, edge, toe and back of the blade – avoid the stickers and splice area. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Then, using a very fine sand paper (+180), give your cricket bat a light sanding. Reapply a light coat to the face.
  • 2-3 coats should be sufficient. Allow each coat to dry fully (it’s best to dry your cricket bat in a slightly elevated horizontal position).

Stage 3: Knocking In

Knocking-in is probably the most vital stage in the preparation process. This process compresses the fibers in the wood, protecting the bat against ball impact. If done correctly, this can increase a cricket bat’s performance and lifespan.


  • Using a special bat mallet or an old quality cricket ball, carefully and repeatedly strike the bat (increasing the force gradually) in any area where one may hit the ball. The edges and toe should not be struck directly at right-angles to the blade as this can cause damage.
  • This stage should take a minimum of 6 hours (every bat varies).
  • Finally, using an old quality cricket ball, hit some short catches. If the seam, on the ball, leaves a mark, go back and continue knocking in. Allow at least another hour for this stage.

Stage 4: Playing In

This stage is important to determine if you have knocked-in the bat well enough.


  • At this stage, the cricket bat can be used in nets with a soft ball. If the ball contact leaves a mark on the bat, go back and repeat the knocking in process for another hour until no marks are left on the bat.

*Our services should not be considered as full preparation – you still need to work your bat in against an old ball prior to use against new hard balls.

Shop our range of Cricket bats in store and online here.


Oiling and knocking in your new, natural-faced cricket bat!

Is your bat ready to face the upcoming cricket season?

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro


All bats that have a natural face (uncovered) need to be oiled with cricket bat oil throughout their life to maintain moisture levels in the willow fibres. This will reduce the chance of cracking or splitting during use. The correct type of oil to use on your bat is natural linseed oil (sold in-store and online).

How to apply oil to new bats

The best way to apply oil to a cricket bat is by using a paintbrush. Lightly coat the face of the bat, edges and toe of the blade. Take care to avoid the stickers, logos and the splice area. Generally 3 to 4 light coats should be sufficient initially, and then apply one coat every 3 to 4 weeks thereafter. Allow each coat to dry, placing the bat in a horizontal position, before the next coat is applied.

REMEMBER: use light coats only – you risk more damage to the cricket bat by over-oiling rather than under-oiling.


‘Knocking in’ your new cricket bat is VITAL for its survival. This is the process by which the fibres of the willow in the face and edges are compressed together to form a barrier, which protects the bat against the impact of the ball. Effective ‘knocking in’ will improve the performance & lifespan of the bat. We also recommend that factory pre-prepared bats need extra preparation by further knocking in using a mallet.

How to ‘knock in’ your bat

Step 1: Using a special bat mallet, strike the bat repeatedly across and down the front of the blade. You should gradually apply more force over time. This conditioning must be performed with patience. Particular attention should be given to hardening the edges to minimise damage from an edge shot. This can be done by deflecting the mallet across the edges, not at right-angles. We also recommend ‘boning’ the edges, which involves running the handle of the mallet down the edges to compress them. The bat’s toe area should be struck carefully as there is risk of causing cracks or splits across the base of the bat if it is struck too hard. This step takes between 8 to 10 hours to complete.

Step 2: To ready your bat for match use, you should use your bat against throw downs in the nets or by giving short catches. Make sure the ball you are facing is a quality old ball. This should be done for at least 2 hours. If seam marks, small surface cracks or indentations are visible, immediately go back to Step 1 for further preparation for at least 2 more hours. This is not sign of a faulty bat – it simply means that the bat requires further attention.

If you are using your new bat with a new ball, you should purchase extratec or a bat care pack for added protection (sold in-store and online).

If you have any questions, please visit us in-store.


It’s time to gear up for the cricket season!

With many shoes for the three main disciplines of cricket, buying the right cricket shoe can be difficult. But our cricket shoe guru, Sportsmart’s Footwear Manager, Ryan, is here to help.

Q. What makes a good cricket shoe?

There are many basic aspects of a cricket shoe that will affect the way you play and which shoe is the correct fit for you.

The Upper

The upper is the top of the shoe that wraps around your foot. It is in close contact with your foot, so it has to be comfortable. The upper is designed to support the key areas and can also provide ventilation.

Bowlers: Need an upper that, when planting their foot, doesn’t allow the foot to budge or irritate the big toe as it hits the pitch. Generally have a high cut upper.

Batsmen: Need an upper that allows movement, but also protects feet. The upper is generally less rigid, providing greater flexibility to allow greater ease of movement. Many feature a mesh upper which helps to reduce weight.

The Outsole

The outsole is the layer that is in direct contact with the ground. The playing surface will affect the type of shoe needed. Generally, when playing on a synthetic surface, the outsole will be made up of a rubber dimple design. This allows for maximum traction on artificial surfaces. When playing on turf, all cricketers are required to wear spikes for increased grip. Both bowlers and batsmen need grip, but for different reasons.

Bowlers: Regardless of the surface, bowlers require maximum traction for running in as well as landing at the wicket. Bowling boots tend to have very flat outsoles with more spikes for grip.

Batsmen: Need to grip the pitch when they’re running. Batsmen shoes usually have a half spike to provide the right amount of traction for both running and playing their shots.

The Midsole

The midsole is the layer between the outsole and the insole, and is designed for shock absorption and comfort.

Bowlers: Need cushioning as they run into bowl, so a shoe with a good midsole is preferable. Cushioning is more important in a bowlers shoe.

Batsmen: Need a lot of cushioning to make their innings as comfortable as possible.

The sock liner

Cricket shoe sock liners often feature extra cushioning for improved comfort. Most cricket shoes will also feature additional heel supports to maximise support to the foot under a range of actions.

Q. How do I know which cricket shoe is right for me?

Firstly, it depends on the playing surface. All cricketers playing on turf will require spiked cricket shoes, while those playing on synthetic will usually require a rubber outsole. Other considerations include personal preferences, your position and budget. Visit us in store for more advice!

Q. Which cricket shoe brands does Sportsmart stock?

Sportsmart sells a range of senior and junior cricket shoes from brands including Asics, New Balance and Kookaburra.

Q. What is the main difference between a high-priced and low-priced cricket shoes?

The main difference is comfort and cushioningHigher priced cricket shoes tend to have more support, comfort and cushioning and tend to last longer. Lower priced cricket shoes have less of these attributes and tend to not last as long.

Q. What are the most popular batsman cricket shoes?

Q. What are the most popular bowler cricket shoes?

Q. What are the most popular all-rounder cricket shoes?

Q. What are the most popular kids cricket shoes?

Q. What are your top cricket shoe picks this season?
















Visit us in store for more advice and to browse our range of cricket shoes.

Remember, Smart Card members save more – sign up online or in store.

All the best for your cricket season!


Bat & Ball Category Manager, Tom Kilpatrick

It’s Ashes time, and time to get back into training and preparing for the upcoming cricket season.

Sportsmart has Gray-Nicolls’ new range of cricket gear in store and online, including the hand-crafted Grade 1 English willow bats at our Moorabbin store.
David Warner’s players bat is coming soon, but limited stock will be available! Keep an eye out in store and online.
My personal favourite cricket bat in terms of value for money is the Gray-Nicolls Elite Short Handle $479.99 ($431.99 Smart Card members). It features hand-crafted grade 1 English willow with a touch of red wood – I always like a little bit of red wood on my inside edge.
Gray-Nicolls Elite SH cricket bat

Gray-Nicolls Elite SH cricket bat

We also have the Gray-Nicolls Silver Cricket Bat and Gray-Nicolls Ultimate Cricket Bat cricket bats available, which are a better class of premium willow to the Elite, and a fuller profile as well.
Remember: Smart Card members save 10% off all new season Gray-Nicolls cricket equipment!


Bat Sports Category Manager, Tom Kilpatrick

Good news for cricket fans: Kookaburra’s new range is now in store at our Moorabbin store. (Also available to order online – phone our online team on 03 9091 5024).

Onyx and Plasma join Kahuna and Bubble as part of Kookaburra’s exciting new range.

Onyx is used by the big-hitting Glenn Maxwell. It has a massive profile with the new ridges down the back providing a great shape.

Kookaburra Onyx Players Cricket Bat 2015/2016

Kookaburra Onyx Players Cricket Bat 2015/2016

Plasma Pro 1000 is a great value cricket bat at $299.99 ($269.99 Smart Card members); great for the conventional player. It’s lightweight, which is ideal for developing cricketers and square of the wicket player.

Kookaburra Plasma 1000 2015/2016

Kookaburra Plasma 1000 2015/2016

All bats have been personally hand-selected by myself, to ensure we have the best product for you to choose from.

Remember: Smart Card members save 10% on all new season cricket equipment.

Need help preparing your cricket bat? We offer a range of services:
Oil & Extratec $20
Press & Oil $30
Deluxe Bat Prep $40

I’m personally really excited about the season ahead. If you have any questions about any of our cricket products, email me at or visit our Moorabbin store. Hope to see you in store soon.


Shop smarter this Christmas at Sportsmart! Our latest catalogue is packed full of huge savings and gift ideas for the whole family. Our catalogue is available in store or you can view it online here.

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Men’s Asics Gel Pulse 5

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Women’s Asics Gel Pulse 5

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More in store!

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Receive a bonus NBA conference basketball value $49.99 (in store only)

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Click to check out our full Christmas catalogue online

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Men’s Asics GT 2000 now $119

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Prince 03 Red tennis racquet now $129

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Puma Pulse 5000 now $299

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Bodyworx A115 spin bike now $399

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Spalding Platinum 52″ system now $399

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Check out our catalogue now!

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Top cricket teams have specialist coaches proficient in batting, bowling or fielding. But at the other end of the scale, a beginning coach will teach all aspects of the game as well as supervise training sessions.

Coaching kids’ cricket is a rewarding experience. For beginners, start with a mix of one on one and group coaching. Focus the energy kids naturally bring to practice and also be patient and flexible. Everyone wants to play, so each session should give all turns at batting, bowling and fielding. But kids must learn correct technique before they can develop. Keep instruction sessions short and follow them up with practice in pairs or small groups.

The best coaches are those who spend time with every player as their team will have mixed ability. Every player deserves good preparation and interesting drills to keep their session involved. For example, for a group of about 12 players, an hour long session should give 10 minutes batting each, in two nets with five bowling.

Batting: With beginners don’t spend too long for example on how to grip the bat, stance and back lift. Kids will be eager to just hit the ball. Start by teaching defensive strokes without a ball, ensuring correct technique. Demonstrate, let them replicate and demonstrate again. Place a ball at their feet and practice swinging through it, hitting smoothly but not hard. Hold the follow through for five seconds. As players progress, correct their back lift and footwork as required in the nets.

Bowling: Begin with basic one stride delivery, side on to the batsman. Teach bringing the arm over high and stiff, above the head. Never allow bowlers to throw the ball, which is illegal. Practice in pairs, bowling gently from stump to stump. Once this is mastered add a few run up steps.

Catching: Begin simply tossing the ball, as players learn to catch with soft hands. Experienced players will enjoy catching the off the bat. Form a semi-circle with a designated top and bottom. Hit the ball as hard as skills allow. Players will prize the top spot, because dropped catches mean starting at the bottom. Later, spread the circle for outfield catching practice and have them practice throwing back over a stump.

Fielding: Bat ground balls to each player. Let them practice getting the body behind the ball, preferably down on one knee and the throwing the ball in over the stump as quickly as possible. Have them gather a rolling ball and throw in, in one motion. Practice sidearm and overarm throwing styles.