Footballs can range in price from $10 to $180. With such a large range of balls to choose from, Gerrard Woods (Director, Sportsmart) explains the main differences.


There are 3 main types of material generally used when making the outer of a ball. This plays the largest role in what use the ball is recommended for.


PVC – Recreational/Junior Training

PVC is the cheapest material used to make balls. Balls made from PVC are recommended for recreational use (backyard, etc) or early years junior training. These balls perform better in the warmer conditions of summer than in wetter, winter conditions.

Patrick Boca soccer ball

Patrick Boca soccer ball


TPU – Training/Junior Match Balls (under 12 & below)

TPU is a light and extremely flexible material that can be used in soccer balls. TPU is often combined with a foam layer, giving the ball a softer touch. The softer touch helps player control of the ball and helps gives junior players confidence with the ball (especially when heading).

Robust in Melbourne’s winter conditions, TPU balls are great training balls for all levels, and junior level match balls.

Nike Strike soccer ball

Nike Strike soccer ball


PU – Match Balls

Premium level balls are usually made from a PU material for the outer. These balls have a true feel and touch, and retain their shape better during play due to the thicker material. These balls are either hand-stitched or constructed using advanced technology such as thermal bonding.

Balls of this level also can carry international recognised certifications as to quality such as FIFA™ Approved, FIFA™ Inspected or International Match Ball Standard. Balls carrying these certifications must pass mandatory quality standards with regard to shape, shape retention, bounce, weight, etc.

These balls are recommended for all level matches, especially seniors, with internationally certified balls recommended for use in Senior NPL codes in Victoria.

Nike Premier Team FIFA soccer ball

Nike Premier Team FIFA soccer ball


Sportsmart is the official Retail Partner of Football Federation Victoria and offers great deals on balls to all football clubs around Australia.

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