Want to be a runner but your enthusiasm for putting on your running shoes just isn’t there? Here is a list of ideas to help make the idea of running seem a lot more entertaining.

  1. Create a motivating playlist

Put together a playlist of all your favourite artists and zone out while listening to your favourite tunes.

  1. Introduce yourself to podcasts

Having only recently discovered just how great and amusing podcasts can be, I highly recommend this. Laughing along with Hamish & Andy helps you to forget how exhausted you might be.

  1. Motivate yourself by entering a fun run

I always wanted to be a runner but lacked motivation to get started. Entering my first fun run and raising money for a cause I was passionate about gave me the motivation to get off my couch.

  1. Mix up running routes

Even if you have an interesting and scenic running route, there are benefits to heading off your usual track, so grab a pair of running shoes with good traction and give it a go.

  1. Find yourself a running buddy

Having a friend to run with helps keep you honest and motivated; you don’t want to let them down.

  1. Invest in an activity tracker

Activity trackers are stylish and full of technology. Keeping track of your heart rate, how far you run, downloading workout plans (and much more) right onto your wrist has never been easier thanks to activity trackers like the Garmin Forerunners.


Get motivated to workout in winter with some new workout gear, perfect gift ideas for mothers day too! Here are some of our favourites to take your winter workout to the next level:



SKINS DNAmic Compression Full length


Champion Performax Compression Full length


Adidas Workout 3/4 tight




New Balance Fashion Tank


Nike Victory Compression Bra


Running Bare Baseline Workout Tank



Russell Athletic Lightweight Hoodie


Nike Training Jacket






Fly Active iPhone 6 Plus Audio Armband – More colours available


Fly Active Towel-Pocket




Nike Flex 2017 RN Running Shoe


ASICS GEL-Kayano 23 Running Shoe

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6 signs that you need new Runners

6 signs that you need new Runners

Did you know that you will eventually wear out your new Running Shoes?
It’s a crazy thought to think that your brand new, bouncy and cushioned running shoes would someday need replacing, but believe us- the day will come when you need to say good-bye and buy some new running footwear.
So how will you know when its time?
Some of you will be super organised and have to kept a running log of exactly how many kilometres you have run in your runners, and know from past experience how far they last (about 500-800kms).
For everyone else, here a 6 tips that you may need new running shoes
1) You can see white foam where you used to see the shoe tread
Congratulations- you have worn through the tread of your running shoes. Running shoes use blown rubber to provide cushioning and traction when running on hard surfaces, such as running on roads or running on concrete. It is also very soft and wears out quickly.
2) The Foam doesn’t “bounce back” any more
The midsole of running shoes is made out of foam materials. Foam of course is essentially little bubbles of air trapped inside. As you run, you compress the bubbles and they bounce back- providing you with cushioning. Two things happen over time- the bubbles get smaller and bounce back slower. That’s why you feel sluggish in old running shoes and need to buy running shoes again.
3) Outer materials are becoming loose on your runners
If the eyelets, heel counters and other parts attached to your running shoes are slowly leaving your shoe- you need new running shoes. These features provide stability and lock your foot down- when they wear through a stretch, you lose support.
4) Linings have worn through
Feel something jagging into your heel. It may be the internal plastic heel counter that is now peering through. This undoubtedly feels uncomfortable in your shoe so you probably should replace.
5) You can see your toes whilst wearing your shoes
Have your toes broken through the mesh upper of your running shoes? Even sewing won’t make your runners last any longer- time for some new ones.
6) They stand up funny or crooked
You may not have noticed becoming lopsided when wearing in your old running shoes, but you sure can if you lay them on a flat surface. If they look slanted – the foam midsole of your shoes have worn out unevenly.

Need new running shoes?

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5 tips for choosing Kids Sports Shoes for School & Sport

5 tips for choosing Kids Sports Shoes for School

When purchasing sports shoes for your kids- you know that it is hard enough holding your kid still to ensure they receive the correct fitting shoes let alone the correct shoe.

Here are tips we here at SPORTSMART have put together to help you choose the correct Kids Sports Shoes


5 tips for choosing kids sports shoes

1) Choose the correct shoe for the correct purpose

What will the shoes be used for? Will they be used for running and will the shoes be used for multiple purposes such as kicking a football or playing court surfaces sports such as Netball & basketball.

Kids running footwear are designed for running, specifically running in straight lines and even more specifically- running forward! They are made with lightweight materials (Such as mesh on the upper and blown rubber outsoles) which are great for running as they are light- however, they are not that durable. If you think, kicking a ball or running around on asphalt playgrounds are pretty abrasive activities so our shoes need to be durable to match.

If you kid is always going through their shoes before they outgrow- you need to choose a more durable shoes such as Cross Trainer. Cross Trainers have a more durable upper and outsole that wears better. Sure- they are heavier – but they will last longer in long run.

Playing a particular sport? It’s always best to choose the correct shoe for the correct sport. Remember- these kids shoes are designed for the particular need of sport. Using them for purposes that are not correct, will wear through the shoes quicker, and also not be as enjoyable for your child/


2) Think about the colour

Does your child’s school have rules about what colour shoes they must wear? Does your child always get their footwear dirty and you do not know how to clean kids sports shoes?

Maybe you need to consider black kids sports footwear option? Whilst black kids shoes are not technically any cleaner, they do hide the marks a lot better than white ones.


3) Consider how well your child can tie their laces?

If you child needs help tying their shoes laces- maybe consider kids velco sports shoes as an option.

Velcro are a great option- they build confidence in your child by making them self sufficient.


4) Does your child need extra arch support in their kids sports footwear?

Have you been recommended to have more arch support for child’s footwear by a podiatrist?

A quick trick to find if a shoe has arch support is to look on the inside side of the kids sport shoe. If the arch is a dark colour- this indicates the shoe has arch support as this part of a sole is a denser piece of foam to the rest of the sole.


5) Fit the shoes for a little bit of growing room- but not too much.

Playing sport is fun for kids. Don’t diminish that fun by having them wear flippers.

Allow about a thumb width (yours) of room at the front of the foot- this allows enough space for a growth spurt – but not enough for the foot to be swimming in the foot. Shoes are designed to be correctly fitting- kids will perform better, and have more fun especially if they are in correctly fitting kids sports shoes.


The new range of Asics Gel-Kayano 22 Lite-Show and Asics Gel-Nimbus 17 Lite-Show mens and womens running shoes will be available in store and online next week.

These new running shoes from Asics feature a new technology called ‘Lite-Show’: high levels of 360° reflectivity across the upper for improved visibility in low-light conditions.

Asics Gel-Kayano 22 Lite-Show

The Asics Gel-Kayano 22 Lite-Show is a serious running shoe for those who experience mild to moderate over pronation through midstance. Features include:

  • ‘Lite-Show’ technology
  • Comfort and support
  • Greater flexibility for greater running efficiency
  • Newly engineered mesh for breathability (no seams for increased comfort)
  • Stability

Gel-Kayano 22 Lite-Show Mens

Gel-Kayano 22 Lite-Show Womens

Asics Gel-Nimbus 17 Lite-Show

The Asics Gel-Nimbus 17 Lite-Show is a luxurious and well-cushioned shoe for neutral runners. Features include:

  • ‘Lite-Show’ technology
  • Unprecedented bounce back and cushioning
  • Generous gel units to weaken shock
  • Newly engineered mesh upper for breathability and lightness (no seams for increased comfort)
  • Strengthened external heel for improved fit and comfort

Gel-Nimbus 17 Lite-Show Mens

Gel-Nimbus 17 Lite-Show Womens

Keep an eye out in store and online over the next month for more colour releases of the new Asics Gel-Kayano 22 and Asics Gel-Nimbus 17. To view our range of Asics running shoes, click here.



Sportswear made from ‘performance fleece’ is becoming more and more popular. Most brands have their own technical names for it, so you may come across it labelled as Dri Fleece, Powertrain or SE, among others.

Essentially, performance fleece tends to have a soft feel to it, and is usually a lighter weight than basic fleece. Performance fleece is great for active or athletic use.

If you’re after something to wear to the gym or for training, or simply a comfortable fashion item, keep an eye out for performance fleece styles in store at Sportsmart.




Q&A with Sportsmart’s footwear manager, Ryan Meggs.


What are the new technologies in the new Nimbus 16s?

There are 3 new features/benefits I’d like to highlight:

1. Improved fit – A more adaptive, comfortable upper around the mid-foot (compared to the previous model) and discrete eyelet stay by using stretch mesh (FluidFit).

2. Improved ride – Better forefoot flexibility with new, incorporated outsole flex grooves.

3. Lightweight – 5 gram weight reduction (compared with the Asics Gel Nimbus 15).


How does it compare to the previous model?

Overall, the new Asics Gel Nimbus 16 is lighter, has a more comfortable fit and greater flexibility than the Asics Gel Nimbus 15.


What’s your favourite feature?

I really like the improvements to the upper, with the new memory foam set up in the rear of the shoe (better rearfoot fit and a great feel). I also like the stretch mesh upper as it helps provide a better fit and greater comfort.


What type of foot does the new Nimbus best suit?

The Asics Gel Nimbus 16 is best suited for runners with a neutral to high arch (supinator) and for slow, heavier style runners who are doing longer distances and require maximum cushioning.


What colours are available?

There are several colour and width options available in both the mens and womens models:


Island Blue/Lightning/Lime – D width

Titanium/Black/Red – 4E width

Dark Charcoal/Blue/Lime – D width (available in September)



Purple/Lightning/Lime – B width

White/Periwinkle/Mint – 2A width

Raspberry/Lightning/Lime – B width (available in September)


Asics Gel Nimbus 16 (womens)

Asics Gel Nimbus 16 (womens)

Asics Gel Nimbus 16 (mens)

Asics Gel Nimbus 16 (mens)


Sportsmart’s clothing manager, Liam Collins, explains the technology in one of our popular compression brands: 2XU.


Compression gear helps the body to perform at optimum level, and recover faster, so is a popular item to wear during training, competition and recovery.


2XU fabric technology includes:

– Moisture wicking properties, to draw moisture away from the skin

– UPF50+ sun protection

– Highest grade elastane yarns with Invista Lycra, for stretch with excellent recovery performance to ensure shape is maintained

– Superior grade circular knit structure, for 360-degree stretch, greater flexibility, unsurpassed power and increased durability

– Flat lock stitching, for maximum comfort


All this technology combines to assist in improving circulation, muscle containment and reduced muscle vibration.


Sportsmart stocks 2XU compression gear for men and women, online and in store.


2XU compression long sleeve top (mens)

2XU compression long sleeve top (mens)

2XU compression tights (mens)

2XU compression tights (mens)

2XU compression long sleeve top (womens) in tangerine/grey

2XU compression long sleeve top (womens) in tangerine/grey

2XU compression long tights (womens) in black/baby blue

2XU compression long tights (womens) in black/baby blue




No matter what kind of training or sport you do, compression gear can help your body to perform at optimum level, and recover faster.

How does it work?

Compression garments are scientifically proven to improve circulation (helps optimise body temperature), helping the body perform and recover better by delivering more oxygen to the muscles. This assists in improving performance when exercising and reducing lactic acid build-up and injury risk.

For best results, we recommend you wear compression gear during training, while playing and for post-match or post-training recovery.

Sportsmart stocks compression garments from Skins, 2XU and Performax, for men, women and kids. Our range includes full-length tights, capris (3/4 length), shorts, short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops and more.

Check out our compression page in our online store, or visit your local store for all your compression needs. Range varies from store to store.

Skins A400 long sleeve compression top, mens

Skins A400 long sleeve compression top, mens


Heart rate monitors can be used to help achieve training goals, for more effective workouts.

A training goal can relate to weight loss, fitness, endurance or performance. A heart rate monitor enables you to use a percentage of your maximum heart rate as a guide, so that the intensity chosen is best suited to your goal.

Heart rate monitors can be beneficial for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. As well as tracking your pulse rate, some heart rate monitors can provide constant information about your heart rate and desired rate zone. This information is useful in improving your exercise, and especially important for anyone with a medical condition where it is necessary to avoid heart strain.

There are 2 types of heart rate monitors. ECG monitors that come fitted with a chest strap are generally the most accurate. The chest strap detects electrical activity in the heart, and transmits this information to the receiver (worn on your wrist). Heart rate monitors without a strap work by detecting your pulse rate. These monitors are cheaper and ideal for anyone who needs a simple guide when exercising.

Sportsmart’s Director, Gerrard Woods, opts for the Suunto Ambit2 GPS heart rate monitor for his training needs.

“I personally use the Suunto Ambit 2. While I find the watch to be extremely versatile and easy to use during exercise, my favourite feature is Suunto’s online system, Movescount, that you can send your exercise data to after each use. Movescount lets you see and review many features of your exercise, from heart rate to pace, distance, and many other metrics. It also lets you go back to your previous exercise results to compare your current results against your previous performances so you can track your progress and (hopefully) your improvement.”

Suunto Ambit2 GPS heart rate monitor - silver

Suunto Ambit2 GPS heart rate monitor – silver

Sportsmart stocks a range of heart rate monitors from Polar and Suunto. To browse our heart rate monitors, and for more information, take a look at our online store or visit one of our Melbourne stores.