Heart rate monitors can be used to help achieve training goals, for more effective workouts.

A training goal can relate to weight loss, fitness, endurance or performance. A heart rate monitor enables you to use a percentage of your maximum heart rate as a guide, so that the intensity chosen is best suited to your goal.

Heart rate monitors can be beneficial for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. As well as tracking your pulse rate, some heart rate monitors can provide constant information about your heart rate and desired rate zone. This information is useful in improving your exercise, and especially important for anyone with a medical condition where it is necessary to avoid heart strain.

There are 2 types of heart rate monitors. ECG monitors that come fitted with a chest strap are generally the most accurate. The chest strap detects electrical activity in the heart, and transmits this information to the receiver (worn on your wrist). Heart rate monitors without a strap work by detecting your pulse rate. These monitors are cheaper and ideal for anyone who needs a simple guide when exercising.

Sportsmart’s Director, Gerrard Woods, opts for the Suunto Ambit2 GPS heart rate monitor for his training needs.

“I personally use the Suunto Ambit 2. While I find the watch to be extremely versatile and easy to use during exercise, my favourite feature is Suunto’s online system, Movescount, that you can send your exercise data to after each use. Movescount lets you see and review many features of your exercise, from heart rate to pace, distance, and many other metrics. It also lets you go back to your previous exercise results to compare your current results against your previous performances so you can track your progress and (hopefully) your improvement.”

Suunto Ambit2 GPS heart rate monitor - silver

Suunto Ambit2 GPS heart rate monitor – silver

Sportsmart stocks a range of heart rate monitors from Polar and Suunto. To browse our heart rate monitors, and for more information, take a look at our online store or visit one of our Melbourne stores.

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