No matter what kind of training or sport you do, compression gear can help your body to perform at optimum level, and recover faster.

How does it work?

Compression garments are scientifically proven to improve circulation (helps optimise body temperature), helping the body perform and recover better by delivering more oxygen to the muscles. This assists in improving performance when exercising and reducing lactic acid build-up and injury risk.

For best results, we recommend you wear compression gear during training, while playing and for post-match or post-training recovery.

Sportsmart stocks compression garments from Skins, 2XU and Performax, for men, women and kids. Our range includes full-length tights, capris (3/4 length), shorts, short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops and more.

Check out our compression page in our online store, or visit your local store for all your compression needs. Range varies from store to store.

Skins A400 long sleeve compression top, mens

Skins A400 long sleeve compression top, mens

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