6 signs that you need new Runners

6 signs that you need new Runners

Did you know that you will eventually wear out your new Running Shoes?
It’s a crazy thought to think that your brand new, bouncy and cushioned running shoes would someday need replacing, but believe us- the day will come when you need to say good-bye and buy some new running footwear.
So how will you know when its time?
Some of you will be super organised and have to kept a running log of exactly how many kilometres you have run in your runners, and know from past experience how far they last (about 500-800kms).
For everyone else, here a 6 tips that you may need new running shoes
1) You can see white foam where you used to see the shoe tread
Congratulations- you have worn through the tread of your running shoes. Running shoes use blown rubber to provide cushioning and traction when running on hard surfaces, such as running on roads or running on concrete. It is also very soft and wears out quickly.
2) The Foam doesn’t “bounce back” any more
The midsole of running shoes is made out of foam materials. Foam of course is essentially little bubbles of air trapped inside. As you run, you compress the bubbles and they bounce back- providing you with cushioning. Two things happen over time- the bubbles get smaller and bounce back slower. That’s why you feel sluggish in old running shoes and need to buy running shoes again.
3) Outer materials are becoming loose on your runners
If the eyelets, heel counters and other parts attached to your running shoes are slowly leaving your shoe- you need new running shoes. These features provide stability and lock your foot down- when they wear through a stretch, you lose support.
4) Linings have worn through
Feel something jagging into your heel. It may be the internal plastic heel counter that is now peering through. This undoubtedly feels uncomfortable in your shoe so you probably should replace.
5) You can see your toes whilst wearing your shoes
Have your toes broken through the mesh upper of your running shoes? Even sewing won’t make your runners last any longer- time for some new ones.
6) They stand up funny or crooked
You may not have noticed becoming lopsided when wearing in your old running shoes, but you sure can if you lay them on a flat surface. If they look slanted – the foam midsole of your shoes have worn out unevenly.

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