A trail running shoe is tougher than a typical running shoe so that your feet are protected against the more rugged terrain. Your trail running shoes should keep your feet dry and cool and feature a sole designed to gain traction on wet or uneven surfaces.

Select a trail running shoe that has a strong sole as it will help you gain more traction on rocks and in the mud. The sole must also be able to absorb shocks that come from unstable and uneven surfaces i.e. gravel dirt and rocks.

Find a trail running shoe that has a durable upper which is waterproof and easy to clean. The upper of the shoe should be able to take perspiration away from the foot and keep it dry and cool.

Ensure that your trail running shoes fit snugly; this will help you avoid blisters. However, you may need to find a trail running shoe that will stretch so that you are able to wear an extra thick pair of socks during colder months.

Pick a lightweight trail running shoe which will help to reduce fatigue when you go on longer runs. Also remember to buy the correct type of socks to wear with your trail running shoes. It may not seem that important but your socks need to be lightweight and allow your feet to breathe as they will work together with your trail running shoes to protect your feet from blisters.

Sportsmart stocks the latest trail running shoes from Brooks, Nike and Asics. You can view our range of trail running shoes online or visit our stores to try a pair on for yourself.

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