Making softball drills fun for players is not only enjoyable for the team but also educational. The following are drills that coaches can use for their softball team.

Speed drill

Speed drills will work on a player’s base running technique and overall fitness level. Have your team form a semi circle behind the home plate and then tell them they will each take a turn running from the batters box all the way around the bases. Encourage the players to cheer their teammates on.

Watch every player’s technique and make corrections if you need to i.e. if a player is taking too wide a turn around the bases, have them correct the mistake the next time they run. Repeat the drill until each player has run the bases at least three times.

Batting drill

Stand on the pitchers mound with a bucket of balls to conduct this drill. Select a player to be the first batter, then give them instructions on where they must hit each pitch e.g. before you throw the first pitch, tell the batter they must hit the ball over the shortstops head. Change up the locations so that players can learn to control their swing. Repeat the drill with the rest of the team.

Throwing drill

Have the players take their positions on the field. Tell the team that you will be hitting the ball to different spots on the field, then while they are fielding you will yell for them to throw to a specific base. Hit a variety of line drives and fly balls to each of the players and constantly change which base the player has to throw to after each hit.

Fielding drill

Work on increasing a player’s range during this drill. Have the players take their positions on the field, stand in the batter’s box to conduct the drill. Hit a variety of balls to the players, changing the speed and location of each hit. Hit some balls in the gap in the outfield, so the players have to communicate with each other. Continue the drill until each player has had the chance to field at least three balls.

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