The defenders on a soccer team are positioned near the team’s goal. There can be two, three or four defenders depending on the coaches chosen layout. The most common layout is to have four defenders – a sweeper, a stopper, a right defender and a left defender.

There are 11 players per team on the field during a soccer game. Coaches will often play around with their on-field line up. The coaches line up often depends on the strengths of the players.

The best kinds of drills you can use to improve your defence are those that simulate game situations. In these drills defenders have to work together to cut off passing lanes. During these drills, coaches should critique how the players move, whether or not they stay on their toes, their patience and if they communicate well. Practicing your ball handling skills also helps as well as juggling with a circle of teammates as it will allow players to practice communicating.

The two on one defence drill involves a defensive player kicking the soccer ball out to two offensive players. The defender will then follow the pass and try to win the ball back. The offensive players will try to score. The player who shoots or loses the ball will rotate to the defensive line. This drill will help players to improve their tacking, passing and shooting skills.

Man in the middle is another drill that is helpful in defensive training. This drill involves five attackers, arranged in a circle and two pressuring defenders. The attackers must keep the ball away from the defenders who are staying inside the circle. If an attacker gives up the ball, then they will become a defender. The defender who caused the attacker to lose will take their role. Man in the middle is a good warm up drill and is simple for all players at any skill level to take part in.

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