The winner of  the Sportsmart AFL sponsorship program, Michael Shmerling, provides regular blog articles on his favourite topic – football …

It’s the halfway point of the football season and whether you play Aussie rules or soccer, performance can be determined by how good or bad your equipment is and how you’re using it. Football boots, skins, shorts, playing tops, mouthguards, helmets and gloves just to name a few of the basics. But as kids grow older or as the season reaches its mid way point, sometimes an upgrade is on the cards as the old can’t live up to the standard it has to anymore. So here are my tips for an affordable equipment upgrade for the average footballer.

The Nike CTR360 Maestri II football boot is more than comfortable, it is light and has the proven ability to control ball movement and passing. So in technical terms it features a kanga-lite synthetic leather and a full carbon fibre composite chassis making the Maestri Elite an innovative boot that delivers maximum ball control and optimal passing pace. This boot delivers all of these great features in a super light package. A great boot for all ages and available from Sportsmart for an incredible $239. That might seem pricey for some people so become a Smart Card member and receive a nice discount.

Now onto mouthguards, apart from the right boots mouthguards are the most important piece of the football puzzle. Now aside from spending hundreds on a dentist made mouthguard, a nicely fitted mouthguard is what has parents sleeping well at night. I recommend The Shock Doctor Ultra STC Mouthguard. This mouthguard features a gel-fit liner that custom moulds to teeth for a tight and comfortable fit. The shock transfer core directs impact away from the vulnerable front teeth to the stronger triple-rooted molars to shield the teeth.

The mora performance enhancement, when fitted and worn correctly positions the lower jaw down and forward and the tongue up onto the roof of the mouth to increase strength and performance. A very smart and safe mouthguard available from Sportsmart for a bargain at $59.95 for adults and kids. Again join the Smart Card program and receive a handsome discount.

Now all socks and shorts are dependant on team colours, so stop by Sportsmart to check out their range. Compression shorts and tops come in different sizes with my recommendation being Under Armor. I own 4 pieces of Under Armor and it has by far exceeded my expectations. Great choice at a great price from Sportsmart.

I hope I was able to help guide you as to what is important for your sporting equipment needs. Good luck and I hope these tips help you kick some goals!

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