In golf, a slice is a ball that spins clockwise and trails off to the right after the driver makes contact with it. For left handed golfers, the ball spins clockwise and trails off to the left. Every golfer wants to eliminate their golf slice. The main reason for this is that the face of the club is not square to the ball at contact. A few adjustments to your grip, positioning and swing path will help to correct this problem.

Get out your club and get into the correct ‘driver’ stance position. Bend your knees slightly and grip the club firmly, but not too hard. A weak grip can cause slices, but gripping the handle too hard will give you cramps and cause the ball to curve to the left or ‘hook’.

Rotate your wrists a few degrees to the right if you are right handed. You should be able to look straight down at your thumb. This grip will allow you to have greater control over the club. You will now need to adjust your stance so that your feet are shoulder width apart. The tee must be straight out in front of your left foot and your feet should be parallel to the place where you want your ball to land.

Try to visualise a straight line from the ball to where you would like the ball to land, point your club face towards this. Raise your club straight up behind you, without curving it left or right and raise your club higher than usual to get more speed behind it. Hit the ball with a quick swing; make sure that the ‘sweet spot’ face of the club lands squarely on the ball. Finally, watch the ball follow through.

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