After putting in so much time and effort to try out, pick and assemble your treadmill you now have to make sure that you take excellent care of it to ensure that you get the most use out it. It isn’t extremely hard work but it is worth it to ensure that a year from now you are not going through the same process of having to replace your fitness equipment. This guide will teach you how to look after your treadmill and give you all the information you need to keep it in great shape.

The first important tip we can give you is to purchase a mat to go underneath your treadmill. A treadmill mat isn’t primarily used to protect your floor; it is used to protect your treadmill. A treadmill’s motor gathers static charge when you use it. The charge will then suck dust, lint and debris into your motor which will cause it to clog. The more gunk in your motor, the worse it will run and its lifespan will decrease. You can purchase mat’s and flooring for fitness equipment from Sportsmart. Simply ask our fitness staff and they can guide you in picking something that will protect your treadmill.

Make sure to clean and dust your treadmill every other week. Take care with the belt area as the build up of dust and gunk needs to be cleaned straight away. Also, remember to keep your power cord away from the base of the treadmill and incline mechanism. Many cords tend to be replaced for those reasons.

One of the main problems with most treadmills is in the control board. A treadmill’s control board is much like a computer in that it is subject to surges. The best way to protect your treadmill’s control board is to unplug the treadmill when you are not using it.

If you’re unsure about how to take care of your treadmill, our fitness experts are able to help you after you make your purchase and guide you on how to take the best care so that your treadmill lasts you for years to come.

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