It takes hard and dedicated training to develop the skills needed to control the ball in all situations on the field. Soccer players need to be able to make perfect passes through the defence or even be able to touch the ball around a goal keeper for the winning goal. Soccer players depend on their ability to be precise when controlling the ball. There are many ways that you can improve your footwork through training, practice and persistence.

In soccer it is crucial for you to be able to maintain control of the ball in all circumstances. Regardless of whether you have been playing soccer for years or are new to the sport, the best way to improve your touch of the ball is through juggling the ball in the air. If you are just beginning, you can start by picking up the ball and then dripping it down to kick back up with your feet and thighs. As you practice, you will find that it is easier to control the ball and you will be able to keep the ball in the air using only your feet. This is a frustrating process but will become easier with practice.

Another good way to improve your footwork is to simulate situations that occur on the field. Practice passing the ball against a solid wall, this will help your accuracy as well as your ability to receive and control the ball. You must remember that soccer is a continuous game and players are always on the move. Having control of the ball is important, however you also need to have good balance and coordination so that you can receive and pass the ball better. One of the easiest ways to practice these skills is by setting up an obstacle course using cones that requires you to change direction and shift your weight around while dribbling the ball through the course.

Finally, having the strength to stop and start at any time is important when playing soccer. Strength training using weights and conditioning can improve your speed and give you the edge when fighting to control a loose ball in the game. Focus on weight lifting for your legs as well as routing sprinting. Try running regularly but switch speeds during your run. This will imitate the type of running you will be doing in the game.

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