When you play softball, you want every advantage possible. Using basically any bat is not ideal and you will need a bat that has the ability to maximise both speed and accuracy. Bat speed is extremely important, the faster the bat hits the ball the more power it has.

When choosing a softball bat, pick the lightest, longest bat you can handle effectively. To measure the correct weight of the bat, hold the bat straight down at your side, then lift the bat directly out sideways and hold it for 20-30 seconds. If your arm gets sore or shakes, the bat is too heavy and you will need to switch to a lighter size and try again.

To measure the best length, stand with a straight back, arms at the sides and feet together. Have someone place the bat next to you, the ideal length is when the bat is able to reach your wrist. Choosing a bat that is the correct length will help you to maximise your ability to hit the sweet spot of the bat.

You should also take into consideration the time of year that you will be using the bat. Composite bats are ideal during warmer months but may crack if used in colder weather whereas aluminium bats tend to dent in cold weather.

You should also practice swinging in store, it’s very important to try the bat out and feel comfortable with it. Try a variety of bats before you settle on the one you are going to buy. Sportsmart stocks a variety of softball bats and equipment. You can check out our range at our stores.



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