There are two ways to serve in volleyball. You can serve a float serve or a jump serve. A float serve is where the volleyball is tossed slightly in the air whereas in a jump serve the ball is tossed high in the air while you stride forward and hit while jumping and the ball starts to descend.

Jump serve

Stand at the back line of the volleyball court as you will be taking three long strides forward before you serve. Take one large step forward with your left foot. Begin to step forward again, this time leading with your right leg. While stepping forward toss the volleyball straight up in the air. The toss should be in front of you and quite high.

Stride forward one last time and plant your right foot down and jump up to meet the ball. Strike the ball with your hand as it is descending. Aim for the centre of the ball. Follow through on your serve by landing at or over the service line. Practice your jump serve and focus on maintaining your balance.

Float serve

Stand a few feet back from the net while holding a volleyball. Arrange your stance so that your left foot is in front and pointed towards the net (or the right foot, if you are left handed). Shift your weight to your back foot. Raise the volleyball with your left hand supporting it from underneath. Your right hand should be resting slightly atop the ball.

Move your right hand to your ear while keeping your elbow high in the air. Your left arm is still supporting the volleyball in front of you. Toss the ball in the air and in front of your shoulder. Shift your body weight to the front foot and hit the back of the ball with your right hand. Do not follow through. The goal with a float serve is to be able to hit the ball straight across the net without an arch.

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