The Brooks Trance 10 is one of Brooks most technical and supportive running shoes. It features all the bells and whistles of any model in their support category. The key features that make this shoe so unbelievably popular are its fit, ride and support. Brooks DNA is a gel like material that works for all weight and feet types. Brooks DNA is in the entire shoe from heel to toe making it extremely comfortable and giving you an easy going ride.

If you have ever experienced the tongue of your shoe shifting during a run, then problem solved. The Brooks Trance 10 running shoes feature a new type of lacing which stops the tongue shifting mid run. The mid sole of the shoe has in Brooks’s terms, a progressive diagonal roll bar which tends to be lighter and softer EVA than in previous models. The roll bar is engineered to control the overpronation of the foot by providing you with maximum stability.

This shoe is perfect for those who are after support and need a neutral to moderate overpronating shoe, which are basically those who are slightly flat footed. For the ultimate experience in stability and comfort, there is no better shoe than the Brooks Trance 10.

Sportsmart currently stocks both mens and womens Brooks Trance 10 running shoes. You can view them online or come into one of our stores to try a pair on for yourself and experience the comfort.

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