Most people tend to spend most of their day on a chair as part of their work. Therefore the abdominal muscles, back, arms and legs rarely get a workout during a typical working day. Many workplaces are now recognising the need to keep their staff healthy and active. Exercise increases energy levels, boosts morale and improves productivity. Some companies are even going to the extent of incorporating gyms with various types of fitness equipment into their offices. However, for those who do not have that luxury there are simple types of equipment that can be used at your workspace.

Dumbbells are considered to be one of the most useful and popular pieces of exercise equipment for the office. They are reasonably priced and vary in weight. Dumbbells are ideal for a short work out and weight training and can easily be placed under your desk or in a drawer. Ankle weights are small, weighted bags that are fitted above the ankle. They are adjustable and will fit many ankle sizes. Ankle weights are used to tone legs, strengthen calve muscles and improve balance. You can use them while sitting on your chair as they are not recommended to be worn while walking around.

Resistance bands are made of stretchable, synthetic materials. They come in different degrees of resistance and vary from light to heavy. A resistance band workout tones the muscles in your back, chest, arms and shoulders for overall strength conditioning.

An exercise ball is ideal for strengthening the core muscles in your back and abdomen. A ten minute exercise ball workout between meetings or on your lunch break can help with overall conditioning, stability and balance. It can be used for various exercises including back extensions, balance roll, hip extensions, ab roll, ball twist etc.

You can view our fitness products online or visit our stores to get expert advice from our fitness staff to select equipment suited to your work out needs.

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