Indoor soccer is clearly very different to outdoor soccer. The playing area is much smaller, the walls are your boundaries and you are constantly moving. In order to survive indoor soccer, you must train before your games. Your training should be focused on increasing your lung capacity and speed and also to develop your muscles.

Try to develop a jogging schedule. This will help you to keep moving during the game and help to decrease fatigue. Your schedule may begin two weeks before the game and consist of constantly moving for 15 minutes straight and then slowly building your jogging time. Strength training can also be included in your exercise regime. A useful exercise is the wall squat. This is where you stand against a wall and slowly lower yourself until you are in a sitting position. If you find that this is an easy exercise, try doing the same thing but with one leg supporting you and the other in the air. This will increase your strength and improve your balance.

It is important that you practice with your team on things such as plays and basic soccer skills. Learning to move the ball in the game is an essential skill. If you intend on playing the goalkeeper, the best form of training you can do is practice. Train yourself to not be afraid of the ball. As an indoor soccer goalkeeper, you will be hit with the ball all over your body. Anticipating where the ball will go will take time and practice playing on the field.

A final important skill you will need when playing indoor soccer is the ability to sprint. You will find that during an indoor soccer match many players will display bursts of speed from time to time. You will have to get used to doing this when you need to get a breakaway or close the gap between you and the opposition. It is important that you can do these things without feeling tired. Once again, training for these skills will involve training outside of the match such as jogging regularly.

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