Most clubs face the issue of having to recruit more members. Many clubs have to deal with declining memberships and unfortunately there is no magic way to combat this issue. There are however, some basic approaches you can use to attract more people to your club.

Your clubs representatives should be open and welcoming, so that your club appeals to potential members in the same way. You can hold ‘open days’ so that potential members can meet coaches, see your clubs facilities and get information about the club. Your club can also host open competitions where participants who enter do not have to be actual members of the club. You can also offer prospective members trial memberships for a reduced cost.

Be professional, generally people are more attracted to clubs which appear business-like. This involves responding promptly to requests, providing the correct information, returning phone calls etc. All of your club’s information should be professional looking and well written.

Marketing is an important part of recruiting new members. Develop marketing materials such as brochures and pamphlets. Ensure the distribution of your marketing materials is effective; you don’t want to put in hard work to make the materials stand out to have them sitting in a draw forgotten about. You can send out your materials to former members and encourage them to rejoin or refer the club to friends and family.

Work with local schools, approach schools within the community to organise special days where your clubs coaches can come in and teach students skills to do with your clubs sport. This is a good way to get kids excited about the sport and distribute your materials. This is a win-win situation for both you and the schools you approach, as the day or program you offer will be free and you will be able to promote your club.

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