Heart rate monitors can be a useful addition to your exercise routine. They are beneficial to both beginners and professional athletes. Heart rate monitors allow you to track your pulse rate either on demand or continuously. This is beneficial as it will provide you with an insight into how effective your workout is. Heart rate monitors are also an important part of an exercise routine for those with medical conditions.

Heart rate monitors sense the heart rate of the user and display that rate. Some heart rate monitors can provide you with constant and accurate information about your heart rate and desired rate zone, there are some that only measure your pulse which is similar to using a stop watch and two fingers. The information that you get from using a heart rate monitor can be useful in improving your exercise and avoid heart strain.

Using a heart rate monitor is essential for anyone with a medical condition who needs to avoid heart strain and remain inside a certain heart rate zone. Monitors are also an effective training tool for athletes who need a record of their heart rate to optimise their training and improve their fitness levels.

There are two types of heart rate monitors. ECG monitors that come fitted with a chest strap are generally the most accurate. This monitor features a strap which is used around your chest to detect electrical activity in the heart similar to an ECG machine. This activity is then transmitted to the receiver (worn on your wrist) to enable them to view accurate, second by second readings of their heart rate. Some even feature a countdown timer or calorie counter.

You can also purchase heart rate monitors without the strap. These monitors are not as accurate and work by detecting your pulse rate. These monitors cannot provide a continuous heart rate but they are cheaper and ideal for anyone who needs a simple guide when exercising.

Anyone who exercise can benefit from using a heart rate monitor during exercise. Sportsmart stocks a variety of different heart rate monitors so suit all needs. View our heart rate monitors online or come in store to get expert advice from our fitness staff on choosing the right one for your work out needs.

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