Womens A400 garments are available in two different body shapes – ‘A’ and ‘H’. ‘A’ shaped bodies have a small waist in relation to their hip and thigh. ‘H’ shaped bodies have little variation in shape from waist to the hip and thigh. This ensures that the clothing is snug and not restrictive making it comfortable to train in and leaves you feeling secure.

Skins compression is scientifically proven to improve circulation and make the body perform and recover better by delivering more oxygen to your muscles. The fabric used is also very durable and allows you to move around and reduce the risk of injury.

The main purpose of compression garments is to improve the supply of oxygen to the muscles, improve performance when exercising and reduce lactic acid build up and risk of injury. The Skins A400 compression range have taken this technology and improved it by including ‘Memory MX’ fabric which provides constant compression that will return to its original shape no matter how much stress you put them under.

At Sportsmart we stock Skins products at all of our stores. You can view our range on the Sportsmart website or come in store to try them out for yourself. If you are a Smart Card member you will receive 10% off Skins products. Sign up online or in store today!

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