Treadmills are the motorised equivalent of walking or running. You basically have to keep up with the movement that is happening beneath you. Treadmill workouts burn the same number of calories as walking or running outdoors. The only exception being running up hill. When you incline the treadmill, it is much easier than running up a hill.

Today’s treadmills are more springier than ever and have many features such as being able to connect to the internet and being able to store up to 100 training programs. When using a treadmill you must pay attention or you could stumble. In order to avoid this, start off slowly. Most treadmills have features that help you to prevent starting your workout at fast speeds, but its better not to take any chances. Always place one foot on either side of the belt as you are turning the machine on and step on the belt after you know it is moving at an appropriate speed.

Don’t rely on the handrails. Hold on for balance at the beginning when you are learning how to use the treadmill, but let go when you feel that you are comfortable and ready. It can be bad for your elbows and you are likely to burn fewer calories. However, if you have balance issues, use the handrails as lightly as possible to help you feel steady and secure.

You have to remember to look straight ahead. Focus on what is in front of you as your feet have a tendency of following your eyes. If you are focusing on what is in front of you will usually walk straight ahead. The first couple of times you use a treadmill, you might feel disoriented and dizzy. This is completely normal and the feeling will pass after a few times.

An important tip to remember is to never run on the treadmill barefoot. Always wear a good pair of walking or running shoes during your workout for support and also to prevent any injury. You must also try to minimise distractions i.e. reading while on the treadmill as you can risk loosing your balance and falling.

Sportsmart has a large range of treadmills available which you can look at online or try for yourself at any of our stores. Our expert staff can also help you to select and show you how to use a treadmill that is suited to your needs.

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