The winner of Sportsmart and Kookaburra’s cricket sponsorship program, Bradley Van Twest, provides regular blog articles on his favourite topic – cricket …

On my arrival at the Moorabbin store on Cochranes Road, I was welcomed by a number of friendly staff and I was taken on a tour through the many departments in Melbourne’s largest sports warehouse.

I was very impressed by the cricket department due to their large range of quality cricket stock, especially Kookaburra’s Players range. The fact that they have a cricket expert on hand at all times makes life that much easier! They are there to answer any of your questions. I was also very lucky to meet the owner of Kookaburra who was on one of his regular visits to the store – he gave me some excellent advice on bat care.

Interesting to note, Sportsmart is a family run business, with Moorabbin being the original warehouse starting in 1983.

Sportsmart and Kookaburra’s cricket sponsorship program winner Bradley Van Twest (R) with Sportsmart Director Gerrard Woods (L)

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