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Correct cricket bat preparation and maintenance will reduce the possibility of damage occurring and increase your bat’s lifespan.

Thanks to the Sportsmart team, my bat is now ready to use on Saturday. The blade was evenly oiled, pressed using their very own machine and a sheet of extra-tec applied to provide protection – and I picked it up within a week! Sportsmart offers this deluxe bat preparation package for only $40 per bat.

For more on Sportsmart’s bat preparation packages go to:

For information on how to prepare your bat go to:


  1. simone herlinger

    Hi. My son has an INZIGOLD English Willow, and it is a very nice bat. Unfortunately, he has made a number of splits or cracks, and i did buy him the linseed oil, but I think it needs more treatment than that.Is there anything your shop can do to treat this problem, as my alternative is to buy an equally expensive or quality one. Can you help me please?I am snowed under with all the other gear i have had to replace this year already, as he has grown so much.( He plays in the under 16’s and the Senior team this year at Le page in Cheltenham, Vic.) Thankyou, regards… Simone Herlinger

    • Sportsmart

      Hi Simone,

      It is a bit hard to accurately diagnose your son’s bat’s cracking without seeing it. If you could email a picture of the face of your son’s bat to me at or alternatively bring your bat into store to show staff, we may be able to better explain the cracking for you.

      A common cause of cracking on cricket bats is something known as surface cracking. As cricket bat wood is a naturally grown product, not man-made, the appearance will change throughout the life of the bat. Commonly, cracking appears on the surface of the bat as the willow is naturally hardening via the normal use of the bat. These cracks are totally normal and do not affect the performance of the bat.

      While these cracks won’t affect the performance of the bat, a way to minimise the cracking appearing on the bat is a to apply extratec (a clear plastic cover) to the face of the product. We sell this product at Sportsmart and it can be applied by staff in store.

      I hope this information helps you.

      Yours in sport

      Gerrard Woods

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