Sportsmart and Kookaburra’s cricket sponsorship winner, Bradley Van Twest, gives an insight into his love of the great game.
Why do you love cricket?
I grew up with it – cricket has been part of my family forever. Best sport going around.
Do other members of your family play cricket?
Everyone plays. My brother played district cricket. I’m trying out with Dandenong and hoping for a great club season.

What do you love about playing with Lyndale Cricket Club?
The team itself – great group of guys. I love coming down every Saturday – it’s a lot of fun.
What do you think your club will buy with the $200 Club Advantage voucher you have earned for them?
My club will hopefully use it towards a new synthetic pitch or a bowling machine.
What will you do with your old cricket gear now that you’ve won the Sportsmart and Kookaburra sponsorship package?
Pass it on to someone at the club, maybe some of the younger guys coming through.
Which bat do you have your eye on?
I like the Blade, but I am keen to have a feel of them all.
Which bat are you using at the moment?
GM Icon 707.
What advice do you have for other cricketers who want to improve their game?
Train as much as possible.
What other sports do you enjoy playing?
Footy socially, but I solely play cricket comeptitvely.
What is your ultimate cricketing ambition?
Represent Australia.

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