Sportsmart Football Manager, Andrew McCaig

Wear and tear

From the first moment you use your goalkeeper gloves you will start to notice wear and tear of the latex. This is natural. The effect is similar to how, after using an eraser on paper, it wears at once, but is not any less functional. As the latex wears, the quality of the grip is not compromised. The latex is consistant all the way until completely worn through. Never rub the goalkeeper glove palms together as the abrasion creates wear immediately.


Dry and/or rough surfaces quickly wear a soft latex goalkeeper glove, so use a harder or rougher dimpled palm in these conditions. A rougher latex is more durable than a soft latex, so use a rough latex for hard, dry and indoor surfaces and a soft latex in the wet or muddier conditions.

Best care for use

Remember to dampen the latex palms before using your goalkeeper gloves. This has two benefits: it reduces abrasion and heightens the grip quality. Top-class goalkeepers always carry a towel and water bottle with them in their goals. A keeper can then dampen his gloves during a game to wash away residue.

Care after use

After evey use, wash your goalkeeper gloves by hand in lukewarm water with a mild detergent, rubbing the palms gently. This will remove greasiness and film build-up on the palms, which is common on grassy surfaces and can badly damage the grip quality of the latex if not removed. Allow your gloves to dry naturally – not on vents or heaters and never in direct sunlight. UV rays cause latex to prematurely dry out and become brittle. Dry in a shaded breezy area for best results. Washing and drying carefully will help to ensure your goalkeeper gloves will retain their comfort and grip.


Never store your goalkeeper gloves together when wet as they will dry stuck to each other, which can damage the latex palms. A quality glove bag that allows airflow and has a separate compartment for storage should be used.

*Our Moorabbin store stocks quality Uhlsport goalkeeper bags and specialised Uhlsport goalkeeping glove cleaning solution, which is one of the best cleaners on the market.


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