Personal trainer, Tavia Ambler

Performing a sufficient warm up in netball is incredibly important as it helps to ensure the player’s body is ‘game ready’, reducing injury risk during the game. It also helps netball players to become focused both individually and as a team.

Warm up

  • Shuttle run. Use the ‘third’ lines on the court as markers to set up a shuttle run. Jog to the first line and back. Complete this twice. Repeat the shuttle run again but sprint to the first line and jog back. Finally, repeat sprinting the whole way.
  • Shuttle run with a twist. Still using the shuttle run set up, this time doing side-step, bottom kicks and high-knees and finally finishing with fast jogging on the spot followed by max sprint to the end and back.
  • Quick stretch (5-10 minutes).
  • Passing drills. In pairs, complete 25 shoulder passes each (using both right and left arm), 25 over-head passes, 25 chest passes, 25 bounce passes (right and left) and 15 lobs.
  • Four corners. Distribute players into each corner of the middle third. Start with one ball and, as a player leads out, pass the ball. Once this gets easier add another ball, and possibly even three balls.
  • Circle work. This is a great one to finish with as it gets the whole team involved and gives each player a chance to get them prepared for their position. Have the shooters and defenders in the goal circle, with C, WA and WD around the outside. The Wings and Centre need to pass the ball around and then on to the shooters (while the defenders have to try to intercept it). When the shooters get the ball they need to try to shoot a goal. Continue for only 5-10 minutes as you don’t want the players to get too tired before the game.

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