Sportsmart Football Manager, Andrew McCaig

Important factors to consider when choosing goalkeeper gloves:

1. Consider features of the goalkeeper’s glove body that will suit the playing conditions.

Features can include:

  • Mesh (better airflow/less sweat and generally lighter)
  • Fleece-lined (good for cooler temperatures)
  • Water repellent

Take these body types into consideration depending on the environment in which you are playing or training.

2. Get the correct fit and size to suit your hand.

Most glove manufacturers recommend that you never wear a glove that fits like a glove. Ensure you have approximately a thumbnail space above your middle finger on both goalkeeper gloves. Never have your fingertips at the very end of the gloves. Wearing your gloves a little larger, say by half a size, increases the shock absorption from the impact of the ball and also reduces stress on the latex and stitching. This will give the goalkeeper glove a longer lifespan.

Hands come in different shapes and sizes, so try on as many gloves as possible to get the best fit. Grab a ball and feel the glove on the ball, bounce the ball and get to someone to throw the ball to you. You should get a good feel of the ball, making sure there is no movement around the palm inside the goalkeeper glove. Movement inside the glove increases the risk of the ball slipping from your grip. The latex palm of the goalkeeping glove is designed to give you shock absorption and maximise grip, especially in wet conditions. 

Goalkeeping gloves come in many different cuts so try as many as you can to find the cut best suited to your hand shape. The basic cuts are flat, rolled finger, negative cut and bowl cut.


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