Golf Manager, Mic Walsh

Different golf balls are made very different ways to do very different things.

The basic golf ball on the market is a two piece distance ball. This is basically a hard centre and a hard cover. The idea behind the distance ball is to create as little spin as possible and cover as much distance as possible. This golf ball, being harder, jumps off the clubface very quickly so has less time on the grooves to impart spin. The result is a straighter longer flight that has trouble stopping around the greens. Best suited to the 25+ handicap.

The next type of golf ball is the low compression ball. These golf balls are designed to go further for a slower swing. The ball will compress more and actually spring off the clubface more. It therefore creates more speed off the clubface and flies longer. Best suited to slow swing speeds.

Then we have our intermediate golf ball. These are a combination of the distance ball and the tour ball. There is usually a hard core to the ball that creates higher ball speed off the clubface, but at the same time the manufacturers create a softer cover so it spends a little more time on the clubface generating spin. Best suited to the 14-24 handicap.

Last but not least there is the tour ball. The tour ball has the most technology put into it as it is usually used by the professionals on tour.  They try to create the softest cover on the outside of the ball. This makes the ball spend more time on the clubface and travel up the club on contact to generate as much spin as possible. It will create more spin, but not always good spin. More backspin is what people are after, but if it is not hit correctly; more side spin will also be made, sending your golf ball off into the trees. Best suited to the scratch-13 handicap.

If you are after a recommendation on a good golf ball that suits just about every golfer, the new Callaway Chrome Soft is a great place to start. It offers something to just about every type of golfer. Great low spin off the tee, low compression for extra distance, and a tour soft cover for incredible spin and control around the greens.

Normally $49.99 at most retail outlets, we are selling this amazing golf ball at $44 a dozen, $42 for Smart Card members.

Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls

Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls

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Happy golfing!

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