by Golf Manager, Mic Walsh

Golf equipment is being made to exact measurements, and balances better and better all the time. The putter is no different. The new styles of putters are more balanced than ever. Counter balancing in the handle has added a new dimension, and larger grips are very helpful for people that have trouble over short putts. They cut down wrist movement and keep the blade of the putter online longer through the stroke.

Odyssey Works Versa 9 Putter

Odyssey Works Versa 9 Putter

So, what kind of putter do you need? There are 3 different variations of putter head.

The first style is the blade putter. The blade is a heavy toe weighted style with limited alignment. This means it is suitable for the better putter. The heavier toe is to prevent the blade from closing too much at impact and pulling putts.

The second style is the mallet. Mallet putters are like a blade in the way they are weighted, but are broader and have a little more alignment to them. This tends to help the person who putts well, but misses a few more short putts than they should.

The last style is the alignment putter. Alignment putters are the most advanced putter style in terms of their ability to be balanced. They are large in the head, long in the alignment lines and usually weighted to correct imbalances in putting strokes. This is the style of putter you should look at buying if your putting is not as good as it should be.

The style to suit you might not be the style you want to use, but that’s okay. There really is no right and wrong with putters. They are as individual as the people who swing them. The whole idea is to find one you love and that gives you the confidence to sink putts. After all, putting makes up about 40% of most golfers’ total score. It pays to get it right.

For more advice on putters and putting, we have a practice putting green in store, so you try before you buy and get expert advice to help get the right putter into your bag.

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Limited edition US Open golf bag

Happy golfing!

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