Introducing the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor – the latest in innovative technology for tennis players. We are excited to announce that this is now available in store at Moorabbin and online.

The Sony Smart Sensor device attaches to the end of your tennis racquet (compatible with selected Players racquets from Wilson, Head and Yonex) and works in conjunction with the smart phone app.

Features of the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor:

* Records swing speed, ball speed, ball impact spot, stroke type, and amount of spin.

* Recorded data is stored on your smart phone and sorted by shot type. Play reports are automatically created so you that you can review and analyse your performance

* Shot data is recorded and displayed in real-time, in sync with video. Various playback features are available to give players instant feedback on their play.

Additional features of the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor:

* Share your play via social media

* Sequence photo using Motionshot to see a frame-by-frame image of a shot

* Slow motion playback

* Compatibility with Android Wear devices

Take your game to the next level!

Tennis Sensor on Racquet

Sony Smart Sensor Front

Sony Smart Sensor Top

Sony Smart Sensor close up

Sony Smart Sensor app image


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