One factor to consider when choosing a trampoline is size.

8ft, 9ft & 10ft trampolines

An 8ft, 9ft or 10ft trampoline is perfect for a small yard/area. Generally, this size is best suited for use by a young child. Our smallest available trampoline, the 8ft trampoline, is lower to the ground, so considering the weight of the users is important. If space and budget can stretch, a 10ft trampoline is a better long-term choice.

Where: These smaller size trampolines are best for a small yard/area.

Best for: Families with small children where usage will be casual.

Action 10ft Round Trampoline Combo with Enclosure

Action 10ft Round Trampoline Combo with Enclosure

12ft trampoline

A 12ft trampoline is a great in-between size for those who don’t want it to dominate their yard area, yet want a trampoline big enough to suit an older child who intends to use the trampoline frequently.

Where: A 12ft trampoline will suit most average-sized yards/outdoor areas.

Best for: Families with two kids (multiple users) or teenagers (heavier users).

Sportslife 12ft Trampoline Combo with Enclosure

Sportslife 12ft Trampoline Combo with Enclosure

14ft & 15ft trampolines

If space and budget allow it, these bigger-sized trampolines are ideal for large families or situations where lots of children want to be involved. Due to their size, these are the safest trampolines.

Where: These large trampolines are suited to large backyards/outdoor areas.

Best for: Large families/families who often entertain the kids’ friends (multiple and frequent users), families with older children (heavier users), or a user who intends to perform tricks on the trampoline with the extra jumping space.

Sportslife 14ft Trampoline Combo with Enclosure

Sportslife 14ft Trampoline Combo with Enclosure


A trampoline’s safety enclosure is an important consideration when buying a trampoline.

It is ideal for the enclosure net to attach inside the springs, to keep jumpers away from the springs and frame. A tight-weave net enclosure will provide extra strength and helps ensure fingers don’t get stuck in the netting. A rod around the top of the net will give extra support and help to prevent net sag and, for maximum strength and support, look for extra safety/support features at the bottom of the enclosure where impact will be most frequent. Some trampolines also have safety clips on the entry zip – especially handy when younger children will be using the trampoline.


There are different options to consider with regard to the frame.

If you want to maximise the trampoline’s lifespan, opt for a galvanised steel frame, as this will help protect from rust. Or for ultimate protection, go for a galvanised steel frame with hammertone paint finish.

The weight and thickness of the frame affects the trampoline’s strength and stability (and therefore how much weight it can hold). Check that this fits with your needs.


Finally, consider the springs – these affect a trampoline’s bounce. The longer and thicker the springs, the better and higher the bounce!

Need more help?

Of course there are other considerations such as UV protection, safety pad thickness, and which trampolines fit within your budget. However, this guide should arm you with enough information to get started – and hopefully gives enough insight to help you choose a trampoline. Our staff members can always help with extra advice if you need.

Sportsmart has a wide range trampolines suited to all types of users. For more advice and information, view our range of trampolines online, visit one of our Melbourne stores or phone our online team on (03) 9091 5024.

Action 12ft Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Action 12ft Round Trampoline with Enclosure

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