Our guide to help you choose a table tennis table to best suit your needs!

What are the main features to consider when choosing a table tennis table?

There are two main types of table tennis table: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor table tennis tables are for indoor use, and provide a more natural bounce than outdoor models. Indoor table tennis tables should be kept away from direct sunlight and moisture to help avoid warping. Buying a table cover can assist with protecting the table.

If you plan to keep your table tennis table outdoors, or in an area with exposure to sunlight or moisture, consider an outdoor table. Sportsmart stocks the Lion Deluxe Outdoor Table Tennis Table, which features an aluminium alloy surface, rather than MDF.


Lion Deluxe Outdoor Table Tennis Table.

Another consideration is table thickness (see below for more information).

Does the table thickness matter?

Sportsmart stocks table tennis tables in a variety of thicknesses. Our indoor tables are available in 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm and 25mm. Our outdoor aluminium alloy table tennis table surface is 4mm thick.

Table thickness can affect the natural bounce of the ball. Serious players will notice the difference between a 25mm and a 12mm table. For leisure players and families, a 12mm or 15mm table will be suitable, though a thicker table selection will be more durable and also come with a heavier frame – handy for heavy or rough use, or if several family members will be using the table.

Does the surface colour mean anything?

The surface of a table tennis table is normally a dark colour; many years ago all tables were green, now most are blue (in line with competition rules). About 90% of Sportsmart’s table tennis tables are sold for leisure, so the competition blue rule does not come into play. Sportsmart has introduced some fun colour tops and trims that have been very popular.


The Stiga Deluxe 18mm Table Tennis Table is black with vibrant yellow trim.

What are the best table tennis tables for family leisure?

Most families will be happy with a 12mm or 15mm table. Thicker table tops normally have heavier frames that can come in handy if you think your family needs something more durable. It’s a good idea to get advice in store to help select the best table tennis table for your needs.


Olympic Fitness Whirlwind 15mm Table Tennis Table.

Which tables do you recommend for heavy use?

Heavy users of table tennis tables will get a longer lifespan selecting a thicker table with a heavier-duty frame. Serious players will normally select a table that is 18mm or thicker. A thicker table is less likely to have problems such as warping or buckling.


Stiga Deluxe 22mm Table Tennis Table.

Sportsmart has more than 10 table tennis models to choose from, to suit a variety of needs. We stock Stiga, Olympic and Lion table tennis tables. Visit us in store or contact our online team for more advice on finding the right table tennis table. Click here to view our range.


  1. Jason - GDTTA

    The bounce of the ball is generally better in thicker tables too (18mm min for competition grade (ITTF approved)). If there is any prospect of playing more than recreationally, you should be looking at 18mm +. anything lower than 15mm are for backyard players.

    • Sportsmart

      Hi Jason,
      Thanks for providing that information. We agree, in general the thicker the table the better the bounce. We hope you found our article useful. Yours in sport, Sportsmart

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