Helping a young person improve at basketball will take knowledge of the game, patience and the ability to teach. Basketball is a game that is made up of several fundamental movements that when put together form the basis for play. By teaching the basic fundamentals to young players, you will be equipping them with the skills necessary to be successful basketball players as they get older and play at higher levels.

Focus on their dribbling. This skill is necessary for unsuccessful players and must be improved to the point of mastery. Work on dribbling skills by having the player dribble in place with each hand. Make sure they are not looking at the ball and that they are using their fingertips to control the dribble.

Progress by having the player dribble while walking at a moderate pace. Have the player walk the long of the court while using their right hand and then back using their left hand. Instruct the player to move at full speed once they feel comfortable walking at a moderate pace. Full court dribbling is practiced at all levels of the game and will improve with repetition.

Drill the basic types of passes. This skill can not be overlooked as it is the part of the game that accomplished players excel at. Get players into pairs and practice throwing chest passes with both hands. Next, work on the bounce pass. The ball should start at the players chest and be thrown down the court at a sport that bounces it up and hits you in the chest. Work on the bounce pass until the player can hit their partner in the chest every time.

Work on shooting form and technique. Have the player stand about five feet from the front of the hoop. They must work in close shots before moving back to longer ones. Make sure the player is balanced, with both feet aligned with their shoulders. The shooting elbow must be tucked into their side, not sticking out. Their eyes should be on the rim, not the ball and the follow through should be up not out. Their hand should finish above the head on the follow through, not out in front of the face.

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