Playing indoor soccer is a lot of fun. Compared to outdoor soccer, which requires a certain amount of skill and experience, indoor soccer is more open to the recreational athlete looking to have a good time. There are generally give players on the indoor field, plus a goalie. Being an indoor soccer goalie is a very challenging position considering the large number of shots taken and the high score of most indoor soccer games. Playing goalie can also be a lot of fun as long as you keep a few things in mind.

Guard your goal with your life. The goal in indoor soccer is small and it often doesn’t pay to take too many risks that involve leaving the goal. If there is a breakaway and you need to come out a bit, make sure you extend your body fully by diving or leaping so that the net is never left open. Otherwise stay close to home.

Play the walls. Unlike the outdoor sport, in indoor soccer there are walls and the ball rarely goes out of bounds. A little bit like hockey, this can lead to ricochets where the offense ends up with an easy shot or a header right in front of the goal. Always keep in mind that a desperate or crafty offense will use the walls to their advantage in creating unlikely scoring opportunities. If you can play the ball off the wall, you have a good chance of blocking these opportunities before they develop.

It is important to direct your teammates. The indoor soccer arena is small enough that everyone can hear everyone else wherever they are on the field. As a goalie it’s your job to let your teammates know where to position themselves on the field in order to be most useful – especially the defensive players. Often players in the field will lose track of their location or players on the other team and it is the goalie’s responsibility to remind them of these facts.

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