Winning basketball is always about team play. Players have to know how to dribble, pass and play defence. Players can’t be content with just being able to do two things well. Setting a screen so your teammate can have an unaffected look at the basket is one of the most under appreciated, yet vital skills in the game.

Run hard to the end of the free throw line and establish your position as you see your teammate running in that direction. They are anticipating receiving a pass. By holding your position, your are screening their defender from getting into a position to alter your teammates shot when they receive the ball.

Follow the flow of the game. Any shooter has a better chance of scoring when the defender can’t get near them. You are much better off providing a screen for a hot shooter than for one who has been struggling to score. Understand the angles that your teammate likes to take before shooting. Make sure you get in front of their defender a second or two before they attempt their shot. This may sound complicated but it should come naturally as long as you are paying attention to your teammates.

Set a solid screen down low for one of your bigger teammates. This is also effective, however space is limited. The best way to make this work is to have confidence that the passer will get the ball to your big players outside shoulder. You can screen their defender. As long as you can give your teammate a half second of freedom, they should have an easy chance. Since you will be blocking out a much bigger player, you will find it tougher but it will be worth it for the basket.

Fake setting the screen and roll to the basket for an open shot yourself. Basketball is not about doing one thing well. You have to be unpredictable. If you have set two consecutive screens your opposition will expect another. Instead of setting a screen, cut quickly to the hoop and look for the quick pass.

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