Exercise balls are often used in physical therapy, exercise and during athletic training. When exercising using a ball, your body has to maintain balance and proper structure. The instability of the ball forces the body to work harder and engage more muscle. There are a variety of exercises that can be done using an exercise ball such as abs, legs and core workouts.

Start by warming up by stretching your muscles before you begin your exercise routine. This will help avoid injury to your body. Begin by stretching out your neck, shoulders, arms, legs and core.

Work out the upper body muscle groups such as triceps, biceps and shoulders. Push ups and planks are good for the upper body as well as the core. They firm up your upper body muscles while engaging your stomach. Begin with 8-10 reps for each exercise group.

Work out your lower body, including leg muscles, with the exercise ball. Lower body ball exercises to consider are ball squats, ball twisting lunges and bent knee bridges. Throughout the exercises balance is important in order to support the body and remain steady.

Exercise your abdominal muscles with the ball to help improve stability and strength. Exercises using the ball targets your abs while also engaging other body muscles. There are several exercises to consider for this area such as ball crunches, ball scissors and oblique curls.

Cool down after ball exercises to allow the body to relax. Complete another set of stretches to help return the heart beat to normal. Stretches should last about five to seven minutes.

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