In softball, in order to improve you have to master the complex motion that is required to swing a bat. Working out is not enough, you have to sharpen your hand eye coordination. You have to learn to move and also keep your balance.

Grip the bat tightly with your strong hand (right hand if you swing right handed) above your lead hand. The bottom of your strong hand should be in contact with your lead hand, and all of your middle knuckles on both hands should line up across the grip. Gripping the bat at the bottom of the handle gives you more leverage.

Step into the batters box just far enough away from the plate where you can swing and hit a pitch on the outside corner of the strike zone. You may need to take a practice swing to see. If you do not have strike zone coverage the pitcher will easily get you out.

Set your feet just a little wider than shoulder width apart. Bend at the knees slightly so you can bounce up and down easily keeping balance. Raise the grip on your bat about chest height behind your head. Your hands and your elbows should make a triangle, with your elbows resting about waist height. Do not cock your elbow, it is likely to reduce the athleticism in your swing.

Get an eye on the pitcher and follow the ball. Breathe in and exhale slowly as the ball approaches the plate. Keep a loose grip on the bat to maximise bat speed; your hands will naturally tighten as they swing forward.

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