One way to keep your players motivated during a basketball practice is to constantly be doing something new. Running five minute basketball drills will allow you to change up the activity several times within an hour. Each five minute drill can focus on different disciplines of the game including offense, defence, conditioning and full game play. Map out the course of practice before you arrive.

Game simulation: Instruct players that you will be playing a scrimmage game. Break your team into two teams. Play five minute quarters where the clock runs continuously. Try to give everyone a go during the course of the game. In this game there are no foul shots only a change of possession if a foul occurs. Both the offense and defence can work on executing plays properly during this game.

Make five shots: Break your team into groups of three. One person is placed just outside the three point line. The other two players are placed on the block and at the top of the key. The player beyond the three point line takes a shot. The shooter immediately goes for the rebound, while the player at the top of the key takes the shooter’s former position and the person on the block takes the top of the key position. Whether a shot is made or missed the shooter immediately goes for the rebound, passes it to the player who is now at the top of the key, who then passes to the player who is in shooting position. The player immediately takes a shot. The purpose of this drill is to combine rebounding, accurate passing and shooting. The drill continues until five shots are made. You can move the shooter around to practice taking shots from various places.

Spin, move and shoot: Instruct the players to make a line at half court. Place a cone just inside the sideline directly to their right or left. Then place another cone on the elbow of the key on the same side of the court. On your whistle the first player in line dribbles toward the sideline; when they reach the cone they do a spin move and break towards the second cone, when they reach the second cone they jump and shoot. The player should get their own rebound and return to the line. This activity focuses on ball handling, speed and accurate shooting. When the player approaches the first cone, the next player can begin the drill. Repeat the drill as many times as possible within five minutes.

Heads up: It is extremely important that a basketball player is able to look down the court rather than at the floor when dribbling. This drill focuses on getting the player to keep their head up, while working on their dribbling skills. Split the players into pairs. Give each pair a basketball and each pair of players a ping pong ball. Space the players about five feet apart. On the sound of your whistle, players must dribble with one hand and pass the ping pong ball back and forth with the other. At the 2.5 minute mark, blow the whistle again and instruct players to dribble with their other hand. Continue until five minutes are up.

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