Skipping ropes aren’t just for kids, they can be a great addition to your workout routine. They can help you build balance, speed, agility, coordination all while you lose weight. Using a skipping rope for just ten minutes gives you an intense cardio workout. It burns calories quickly and if you do it regularly will increase your fitness levels. Many top athletes use skipping as part of their exercise regime, boxers in particular.

Skipping ropes are cheap. Sportsmart stocks a variety of skipping ropes ranging in price from $7 – $40 and features. Skipping ropes are probably the cheapest piece of exercise equipment you will buy.

You can skip anywhere whether it is outside or inside, it really doesn’t matter. The best surface for skipping is hardwood or very thin carpet, but really any hard surface will do. You could even do it in front of the TV.

Skipping burns lots of calories in a short amount of time. Just ten minutes of jumping burns about the same number of calories as if you went jogging for half an hour. If you are short on time, this is a great workout for you.

Skipping is also fun, you can set challenges for yourself i.e. see how many jumps you can do in a minute or how many in a row without messing up. To make sure you are jumping correctly, check that you are holding the handles with a firm grip and your elbows are close to your stride. Keep your torso relaxed and gaze straight ahead. This will help maintain your balance. When turning the rope, make small circles with your wrists. Make sure you’re not jumping too high, the rope should lightly skim the ground.

It might take a while to get into the swing of the skipping rope but the trick is to keep doing it in short bursts regularly to build up your endurance. Warm up before you start by jogging for five minutes. Then jump at your own pace, even five minutes of jumping a couple of times a week is a good start.

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