Dribbling is fundamental to basketball, all positions need to become efficient at it. It is also the easiest part of basketball to learn, but it requires a few basic instructions. Follow these simple steps to learn how to dribble a basketball.

  1. Dribble with your fingertips and the pads of your hands. Refrain from looking at the basketball while doing this. Keep your head up.
  2. Flex your wrists and spread your fingers. Push the basketball down lightly. Make sure your legs are bent but your back is straight to prepare you to move quickly.
  3. Pull your elbow close to your body and dribble the basketball away from your defender. Keep the ball close to the ground so it has less distance to travel. This will make it harder for the defence to steal it from you.
  4. Run quickly and dribble at the same time. Dribble the basketball in front of you about waist high, with your hand at a 45 degree angle to the ground. The faster you run, the further in front your basketball needs to be.
  5. Keep your body between yourself and the basket as you dribble. This allows you to protect the ball and keeps defenders away from it while you dribble.
  6. Alternate hands as you dribble. If you are right handed, you will dribble with your right hand a majority of the time. Dribbling with your left hand will throw your opponent off.

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