When fielding during cricket there are many things to think about and consider. This article will look at a few essential cricket fielding tips which you can incorporate into your game to improve your fielding.

Wherever you are fielding you should always be on the balls of your feet so you can react and change direction quickly. If you are caught flat footed you’ll be slower off the mark and potentially give away more runs.

Try to anticipate where the ball will go; you can do this by carefully watching the batters shape and movements. This might be difficult at first but after a bit of practice it will become second nature and you’ll react much quicker to any shots coming your way.

When you are fielding close to the boundary and have to throw from the deep, try to aim your throw just above the keepers head and the ball should drop nicely in to his gloves.

When catching close to the wicket, such as in the slips, gulley or short leg make sure your stance is correct with your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Spread your weight evenly across both feet, resting lightly on the balls of your feet, with your knees flexed. Keep your hands together, close to the ground with your fingers pointing down. Keep your head up with your eyes level and stay alert.

When catching the ball in the close, watch the ball all the way into your hands, allowing the ball to come to you, don’t try to snatch it. When catching the ball in the deep, try and catch the ball at eye level and cushion the ball into your chest.

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