Transforming a junior cricket team from under achievers to champions won’t happen overnight. However, with a positive attitude and willingness, the possibility of winning becomes more likely. A motivated and positive coach will help build the success of a team. We have put together a few tips to help you coach junior cricketers.

  • Keep things simple: Don’t over complicate things when it comes to younger players. Skills need to be taught simply and correctly. Make sure to actively demonstrate examples before each drill so all players know what to achieve. Be positive and praise your players when needed. Don’t be too hard on your players as they will lose confidence and enjoyment.
  • Add variety: Refrain from being to repetitive with the drills you use during training. Get involved in the training and have fun. Every so often review a domestic or international match on television. Take notes on important players and how they play. This will inspire young players.
  • Goal setting: Setting goals is a great way to develop a team. Set different targets throughout the season and reward your players for achieving them. Review your goals at practice sessions, stating the progress and what areas need work. Make yourself approachable to your players.
  • Team work: Players must learn to communicate in various aspects of the game whether it be running between wickets or even throwing the ball to each other in the field. Create a healthy team spirit with positive communication and realistic goal setting.
  • Promote enjoyment: Make the game fun by mixing it up in practice with different drills and playing new games. Act positively as a coach; limit your criticism of players. Teach players to enjoy their cricket and have some fun while doing so.

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