Basketball is a popular team sport that requires hours of training to master. To play any position you must work on a number of skills. The guard positions are important to any basketball team. Point guards and shooting guards are responsible for distributing the ball on offense, scoring when given the opportunity and handling the ball. A number of training drills can be used to develop players who wish to play the guard position.

  • Drive and Kickout

Guards often attack the basket to create shooting opportunities for themselves or teammates or to draw a foul and earn free throws. The drive and knockout drill teaches players how to move towards the rim and pass to an open teammate. You will need four players for this drill, two offensive and two defensive. The ballhandler starts beyond the foul line and drives towards the basket. The two defenders collapse on him. The ballhandler then passes to the wide open player at the three point line for an open shot.

  • Baseline dribbling

Guards need to practice baseline dribbling skills to enable them to reset the offense whey they’re trapped along the baseline. Have each player dribble to the baseline and stop, change direction and move towards the painted area of the floor, then stop and take a jump shot. Have the shooter rebound their own shot. This drill helps develop quick direction changes while dribbling and shooting on the move.

  • 5 spots, 25 shots

This shooting drill is important because both guards are key elements of any team’s offense and have to be able to shoot from a variety of spots on the floor. Set up five shooting stations around the basket, one on the foul line, two on the three point line and two from inside the arc. Have the player take five shots at each location before moving to the next shot. This drill can be used as a competitive game among your guards.

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