A cricket bat’s rubber grip will never last as long as the bat. Even one long session, producing more than 50 runs and lasting two or three hours might wear out a grip. Grips vary in thickness and consistency and come in a variety of colours.

Firstly, you will need to assemble your equipment i.e. a gripping cone and the new grip. The gripping cone is a piece of wood a few inches longer than the handle. The top is narrower than the bat handle and the end, a metal cup is wider and fits over the top of the bat handle. Remove the old grip and dust the bare handle with talcum powder.

Put the new grip on the cone, with the surface facing outward. Roll the grip up from the bottom until it is completely rolled up.

Take it off the cone, turn it upside down and put the grip back on the cone. Roll it to the bottom of the cone. Put the cone over the bat handle and roll the grip down the handle. Some rubber will still hang over. Hold the bat firmly and tap the grip down until it is in place.

Secure the bottom of the grip to the bat’s shoulders with electrical tape.

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